Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lil Davey's digger sporty is for sale still , this time for $5500

Details on the link to the right . . . check it out !

Friday, November 9, 2012

Same Taste as a Shotgun

I was contacted a little while back , by a guy who told me that he liked my blog and my tattooing and thought I would be interested in reading a book he had written . His book is self published and so far has a small run of copies , and he asked me if he sent me a copy would I be interested in reading it .

It's always a little weird when someone goes out of their way to try and do something nice for a total stranger , but I like to do shit like that too , so I agreed .

I'm glad I did because it was a fun book and since it was written about a part of my hometown that I remember pretty clearly from my childhood , it made it interesting to me in a familiar way .

It's a pulp crime type of story about how part time bad guys , with the right motivation , can end up being good guys at the end of the day .

If you like to read about good guys and bad guys and strippers and the occasional crackhead getting their ass whooped , get ahold of this guy and get a copy of his book .

Thanks for the book man , It was a good read .

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time to rule the block

Yeah when I was a kid I had to wear cheap shitty plastic costumes like this . I guess it's just time let it run down hill a little . He may not know how awesome he is right now , but he will someday .

Friday, October 12, 2012

Silverado update #5

courtesy of my old buddy Derek Coon . Period correct gun rack for the back window . Better than any dumb bumper sticker for letting people know what you're all about & where you're coming from !

Monday, October 8, 2012

Here's what I did this weekend . It was easier than it looks too .

Even though I had to take it apart , and bring it from the house next door through my alley and reassemble it in my backyard . The people who design these things should get a pat on the back . It was fairly simple once the roof came off . Just slot A into tab B type shit .

Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday 29th of September , we're having a fancy art show at Avalon Tattoo II

That's the tattoo shop I work at down here in San Diego . It's going to be our 15th anniversary party and we're all doing some art for the show , as well as inviting tattooers from around the world to show some work too . Here's what I came up with , she's called a Fiji Mermaid .

Back in ye olden tymes they used to take the top 1/2 of a monkey carcass and attach it to the bottom of a fish carcass and drag it around in old timey county fairs & carnivals & stuff , and say it was a mermaid , from Fiji no less coz that sounded exotic and fancy . This is my interpretation of the famous cryptozooalogical monstrosity . I need to get it framed up and do some work on the background & all that , but here's a sneak peek for my bloggy homies . . .

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coffin Chasers MC party

I have some friends in this local MC called the Coffin Chasers . They started out a long time ago as a car club and over the years morfed into a full fledged motorcycle club . 2 years ago is the official date that they turned completely to the dark side and they're having a swinging shindig to celebrate !

Friday, September 7, 2012

silverado update #3 , and what I did on my day off . . .

So my Friday started pretty normal . Actually it was kind of exciting because my new rims from Cragar arrived and I was on my way to have them put on at the local Tire Depot over on Adams Avenue . Good guys and fair priced tire work . Anyhow . . .

I get to the tire shop and this guy pulls up . All the tire guys start up with , Oh yeah I see , you need a new set of tires , etc etc . I guess the trailer needed a tire filled up or something , but oh man . I didn't ask why t hey were transporting this mess but it was creepy .

A few years back there was this drag racing accident down on Imperial avenue and a few kids died in this car . It gave me goose bumps looking at it . I felt like it was going to ruin my day through bad juju magic , but as it turned out , my rims were going on fine and there were no foreseeable problems to mess me up . I even went for a walk to Starbuck's ( yeah I know ) for my favorite iced sweet black tea .

When he gets to the back rims he figures out that we need a 1/4 spacer because the rear drum is kind of dished and the center of the rim isn't seating . As he's telling me this his buddy tells him , wait I have a set of spacers that will fit in there , one sec . Sure enough he does and they do and the rims start going on again , no problems .

I decide when we're all done and back on the road that what I need is a delicious bean & cheese down at Sombrero's in Golden Hill . It's a really nice day and i have new kicks on the truck so I'm taking my time and letting people go in front of me and stuff , because you know it's a nice day and I'm feeling it . I order my deal at the restaurant and what do I see on the receipt . . . .

Booyah . Could it be that mother nature is trying to fuck me up somehow ?!?! No way . I don't believe in any mystical sky gods , and certainly don't believe in center of the earth fire monster dudes , I'll take that challenge . I say thank you and load up on the hot carrots and go on my way .

By the way , for those of you who would like to enjoy this demonic delight, it's a bean & cheese burrito with rice inside , and a cheese quesadilla . Comes out to $6.66 . Good times .

I realize that I need to gas up and shoot over to the 7-11 for $30 of regular and then get back on the road home to chomp on my snack . This is where the paradox of timing starts to fuck with me .

Old lady #1 & old girlfriend shopping buddy ( clearly not from here ) scooting up on her stop sign , decides to go for it at the last minute . I'm watching her so naturally I lay back and let her get lost right in front of me for a whole block of slowing down and speeding up . Whatever , She's probably from Rancho Bernardo and never been to the " ghetto " before , but she's seen on the news that it's a really neat community and there is great kitchy shops to check out if you don't mind mexicans or scary tattooed people with mustaches & tight pants . . .

Old dude #2 pulls the same shit on me even closer but I decide to lay on the " stupid horn " and let him know he almost got crushed by a big ass truck .

He flaps his hand around at me as if to say sorry , I'm old and mostly blind . I throw my hands up as if to say " what the fuck , old blind dude " and he flips me the bird ! At this point I start laughing out loud . ( that's LOL for you internet only folks ) . Seriously , old dude . You cut me off and then flip me off because I point it out to you ? I take my foot off the gas and let him wander home and as he's making a left in front of me and I go by him , I hear him yelling at me about this or that . I give him the patented " thumbs down " maneuver followed quickly by the " oh and , fuck you too " hand signal .

After that it was smooth sailing all the way home to enjoy my satanic meal and watch a few episodes of cops with a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea . I dare life to fuck with me any more today . I might have to get out of the hot tub later on to slap the shit out of someone if I don't get a little driver's respect in my own damn neighborhood ! Come on people , it's Friday . Slow down and get home alive . Have some ice cream or something . Just leave me out of your problems cause I feel good , my truck looks good and I don't have time today for this mess !

Sneak peek . . .

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Silverado update #2

14 inch rims don't fit over my calipers , so these rims are a no-go and are currently for sale .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Okay enough of that sad shit . Silverado update # 1

So my buddy Dave who a few posts back was going to put a set of Cragars on his 60's Dodge wagon ran into some trouble with them and decided to bail on the idea . Bad for him , good for me .

He made me a pretty fair deal & I got the set of NOS never mounted late 70's Cragars for a decent price and aside from a little road rash due to idiot shippers , and one dummy trying to take out a small dent with a large crescent wrench that was incurred due to said idiot shippers . . . they are mint .

14 X 6 , chrome is prefect and they came in the original boxes with the original booklet and a set of NOS hubcaps . It shows you how to mount them and this and that . You know , neat old shit .

The Tru Spokes will be for sale as soon as I get the Cragars mounted , so keep an eye out .

I also realized that I need to lower it in the back , like 2 more inches to get it to sit right . That will mean it needs to be notched , so that will be sometime down the line after I redo the exhaust . . .

The fun never ends !

These are now for sale , let me know when you want to come get them !

Friday, August 3, 2012

His name is Astro

We got him when Amy moved into my house that I was renting back in 1994 . We had been dating for a while and she was always talking about how she wanted a little chihuahua . I told her that we would get one if and when she ever moved in , and when she eventually did , we did .

Our good friend Matt found an add in the reader for a family that was breeding chihuahua puppies and we called them , to find out that they had one left , and we decided to go see him . They told us that if we didn't take him home that they would probably keep him because he was snow white and they had never seen an all white chihuahua before . That and he was very friendly and all around awesome .

We tried to think of a good name for him and did the whole " let's wait and let the name come to us " deal . It never did , until our friends Amy Lu & Bob met him and decided that Astro ( of the Jetsons fame ) seemed to fit his personality , and so it was .

He's been to Palm Springs and helped me get drunk . . .

then he took care of Amy when she was hung over .

He could rock a pink polo shirt and make it look good .

He helped remodel our kitchen .

He would yell at babies .

Then he would plant one right on the mouth . He was very big in Japan .

He had a pro model .

He enjoyed dining alfresco , sometimes too much . . .

He would drive anywhere at the drop of a hat and had been to more car shows up & down the coast than most people I know . He would ride in the back of a chopped up old car with no windows for hours and not complain a peep .

He was a great on the road , old car or new , he loved it all .

He watched over me while I slept . . .

He was the best dog anyone could have ever wanted , and he was our best friend for so long it makes my head hurt trying to figure it all out .

We had been taking pictures of him for the whole time we had him and this is the last picture of him I took , as he lay dying next to me . It was quiet and very peaceful and he couldn't have gone out any better . All through out his long fun filled life , I was so proud of him and now even in death he made me proud one last time .

He was a hero as dogs go . A lover , a tiny fighter and most of all a true solid friend . He will be missed and it will hurt each time we think of him gone , but his memory lives on in our hearts and that will always make me smile .

Goodbye little friend . . .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sometimes life is good back to you when you aren't expecting it

And sometimes people can make you feel good about people and the whole human race in general .

Case in point . After going to my eye doctor to get my new glasses checked out , his tech assistant told me that there was a weird problem with one of the lenses that was making it go from clear to blurry intermittently across the lens . It was making me feel like i was going crazy because my left eye was off & on every time I looked at something . . . very bummer .

Anyhow he pops it out and comes back with a new one and it's good to go , no biggie . I then take out my sunglasses and show him where I scratched up the lens . He tells me he'll order some new ones and take care of it for me , then tells me no charge .

I leave feeling pretty stoked on how nice he was and now sometimes people can rule instead of suck because it seems that mostly people go out of their way to suck . I'm pretty good at blowing it off and forgetting about it because i grew up as a dopey ass punk rocker that had a hard time walking down the street and not stoping traffic .

It was my own doing but whatever . I looked like a circus side show freak .

Anyhow . . . on the way home from the eye doctor I stop off at a Home Depot to grab some dude shit for some dude shit I have to do when I get home . It's what we ( dudes ) do . I get my shit and get in line and some father with a cart full of much dude shit see's me with my 2 little things and offers me his spot in line . I thank him and proceed to swipe my card only to find out that the card is denied . It was a late payment issue that as of 20 minutes ago has been handled , we're not headed for skid row anytime soon so keep it together .

The cute tattooed girl at the register tells me that it's been declined and does she want me to take one of the items off ? I get back into my wallet and pull out a lonely $10 bill and hand it to her and she tells me I need another $1.59 ( totally flirting right ? ) . So I start looking in my pockets in a futile gesture to find the lacking funds . No luck of course , but just then the same dude who let me take cuts asks me " hey how much do you need ? " I tell him the amount and he proceeds to pull out a couple bucks and covers me with it .

Humbled , and just short of embarrassed , I shake his hand & thank him and wander off . On my way out of the store , I hear cutie Mc Tattooed pants at the register telling the dudes 7-ish looking daughter , " That was a very nice thing your dad just did , you should be very proud of him " .

I hope she is and I hope she understands why , and I hope that seemingly insignificant moment lives with her for the rest of her life .

Thanks for the cut in line and for the $1.59 fellow dude , father & Home Depot shopper . I hope your project went off as well as mine did . Because of you , I had a project when I got home and I got it done . . . done right .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

1977 Chevy Silverado C-10

I just got this neat little truck from my friend Billy who lives up in Hemet . I'm the 3rd owner of this thing and it's pretty cherry . He did a lot of little things as well as all the body and paint work on it . Lowered it , added a set of Tru-spoke wires , a little chrome and some dust knocked off here and there , now it's mine .

All good things come to pass and in this case It was the '77 Harley . I traded it for this truck straight across . It feels weird to be without a motorcycle , but as are all things in life , this is a temporary situation and will be fixed shortly .

Anyhow , Here are a few pictures . I'll add more as I make changes and add my own shit to her .

Monday, June 11, 2012

We live in a pretty nice neighborhood , and we like to take our bikes out everyonce in a while to tour the hood and see the sights .

These are a few of the things we saw , on this ride .

Amy and a super clean '36 Plymouth that sort of matched her 1954 Schwinn Hornet .

Neat 1976 Executive motorhome , with awesome factory ( probably home made ) trailer option .

Very nice 23 T touring , with emergency brake engaged .

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pretty cool outerspace shit

I got to see this tonight through my welding helmet . Not available for viewing for another 18 years .

I love that we're out in outer space floating around , and there are huge ass things also floating around that somehow manage to not knock into us and just go apeshit pinball crazy .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My bro Dave is getting his car hooked up with new paint and rims

The paint just got done and now they're putting all the trim and dingles back on the car . Dave's also thinking about a set of Astro Supremes or maybe some Cragars to finish off the late 60's boulevard cruiser look as well as a set of color matching seat covers and a new dash pad . Here are a few sneak preview shots of how it's turning out . It's a 1964 Dodge Dart Wagon .

I think it needs a little extra sound going on with the help of some trick exhaust , but we'll see if he goes that direction . Regardless , this shit is going to be bananas !

Monday, May 7, 2012

My online bro Hatch , the guy I bought the '77 from , recently put this little gem together out of a runner and a bunch of spare parts .

So clean and simple . Why can't people see with this kind of vision more often . I mean variety is the spice of life and all that , but this is what sportster should look like . Tight , quick and mean . Ready to go light to light or roll it on , out on the highway . . .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Making a traditionally styled grille for your custom 1950 mercury

I did this little grille swap a few years ago on my Merc . It was pretty easy to do and although I replaced a really nice condition Desoto grille with this slightly more scrappy 1954 ford grille , I made this one myself so you know what they say . . . homed shit is always better than normal shit . First you take a decent condition grille from a 1954 Ford custom line . As long as it's straight , the chrome doesn't have to be perfect as you will more than likely redo the chrome at some point anyhow . You're going to have bare welds on it as well , so whatever .
You take that grille and measure a little here and there to figure out how wide it needs to be before you start chopping away at it . you can always make it smaller , but it's a lot more work to make it bigger again .
This is the bottom part of that grille , cut & trimmed and getting ready to weld .
Here's the top and bottom welded up and bolted back together again . Once the shape is where you want it you can clean it up a little or polish it some to make it look nicer . I never did manage to get the chrome done on this one .
Turns out it looks pretty nice in there , but maybe a little too simple .
Add a couple bullets from a 1951 Ford grille on the ends and we're off to the races . Like I said above , I had previously installed a mint condition 1955 Desoto grille in this car with working running lights and everything . I had to do a fair amount of work to make that one fit too , because of those huge bumper over riders that make the grille almost a foot too wide to go into the merc grille surround , without a good amount of trimming . I think this grille is pretty nice though , much more subtle and again , the whole idea that it was handmade . There isn't another one exactly like it on a car like this anywhere . That makes it cooler in my opinion .
I think it looks pretty nice , and apparently the current owner of that car does as well . It's been just like this since the day I sold it . I hope he throws some chrome on there at some point though , I think it deserves it !