Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get out your hankies

This is my wife Amy . . . if you have been following this mess of a blog for any amount of time you've seen that she can not only ride a skateboard drunk , cook an amazing array of meals , but she is the mother of my son , & can sell skateboards to anyone in the world . She keeps a tidy house , and can put a 9mm round center mass ( if you're standing fairly still or moving around slowly ) . She rides on the back of an old Harley & drives a slammed 2003 F-150 pick up truck to work every day .

In the past she's owned a 1964 Fairlaine with a HO 302 , a 1957 Ford , a 1963 Galaxie and they were all daily drivers . She never complained once when we went to Paso Robles every year for the shitty old car party we used to attend in my long list of drafty chopped up old heaps . We've been to countless early morning swap meets and flea markets and spent never ending hours digging through rusty old car parts trying to find that one gem in the piles of junk .

She usually has 3 different bags of candy in her purse for if you're a good boy and wears a knife in her boot for just in case you're not . She makes crafty things for her friends and would rather stay at home with her crazy family and watch a cartoon alien movie for the 30th time than go out and party on the town . She lets me get a little drunk with my friends but will also let me know when I'm getting a little too drunk and reels me back in when I try to flip a pool table over because someone said some weird shit at the bar .

She likes that I wear Old Spice and can ride any kind of motorcycle ever made and lets me work in the garage for hours without bugging me . She knows when I need a cold drink and even knows when to make it extra strong . She knows when to speak her mind and wont back down , but she ( mostly ) knows when to shut the fuck up too .

I've had a good long run with Amy . She started out as a customer at the tattoo shop , then became a friend , then a friend with benefits , then a full time girlfriend and eventually ( after a few trials and tribulations ) my wife .

I've made some good decisions along the way & I feel pretty lucky to be where I am in my life right now so I'm sharing .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caught this old timer parked outside our local diner

1924 Ford , tall "T" according to the owner who was almost that old himself . I love seeing old shit like this on the road tearing it up . When he drove off it sounded like a giant steam pressure cooker . Awesome .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday was Valentines day and I'm not one to be told what to do and when I need to be romantic

But I do like to get the romance on every once in a while . No biggie . . .

So we go to diner at one of our favorite spots , Alexander's on 30th . It's this nice little Italian place around the corner from our house , walking distance . I made a reservation and everything . It was a festive / casual vibe we were going for . I had a shirt that buttoned up , so you know I was serious . Or at least I was trying to act serious .

About half way through our medium fancy diner , the area we were seated in started filling up . We got a spot outside , at our favorite romantic table outside on the patio in the back ( we eat there pretty often so they know us ) and Vaughn starts getting bored which means it's time for him to start getting frisky . Of course Amy & I think it's pretty cute that he's standing up on the seat telling us he needs to climb the wall and see the loud motorcycle that just went by . The couple next to us who brought their own bottle of wine didn't think it was that cute .

They weren't obvious about their bother , but again it was Valentines day after all and they were trying to have a romantic diner and all that & Vaughn wasn't having it .

This is where it gets good . Out of nowhere he decides to tell Amy " Mommy look at your boobies , that's so silly " . He isn't whispering either . I instantly bust up and Amy starts freaking out trying to shoosh him , which makes him start talking even louder .

Between me trying to high-five him & telling him " yeah mommy's boobies ! that's so silly " and the other couples nervous tension , he's putting on a show now . It was the perfect end to a perfect night . By the time everyone else's food was at the table we were asking for our desert to be put in a box to go and we made our escape .

If you haven't been I suggest you try it , romantic or just hungry . It's a great spot with great food and an easy atmosphere Alexander's on 30th

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes , this is what happens when you " get on it " !

This is the aftermath of our session last weekend . Davey knew something was going on with his motor so what does he do ? Baby his way home ? Add a quart of 90 weight ? Put the bike in a truck to keep it safe . . . heck no . He pins it and blows the fucker up .

After pushing through the party in Anehiem , he starts rolling back up the coast when it started making even more noise about a 100 miles outside of Paso Robles . He decided to perform the " roadside structural integrity test " at a gas & pee stop . This very technical & scientific procedure consists of putting your right hand on the throttle and pulling back on it , in a smooth fast motion until (1) it revs up freely and exhibits no sign of loss of integrity or (2) the motor makes a sudden violent sound and stops running with a huge cloud of white smoke .

I think you can see what direction the motor decided to go in .

The rebuild cost would be almost as much as buying a new motor apparently , so anyone with a line on a big inch S&S motor out there , shoot us a note . This bike needs to be back on the road by Kutty's party in April so shake those sheds and let's see what you got out there !

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm not to proud to ride nuts to butts for my man Barker

Two up , sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do . . . couple of men on the highway , living life my way . No biggie .

This is me , taking a picture of Jenny taking a picture of Davey's new tattoo

Me and Barker and John all went for a ride up to Oceanside to see our BFF Davey who was in town to get tattooed by our other buddy Chris Yvon .

Chris is the mastermind behind Death Squad a local homegrown M/C clothing and accessory manufacturer . They make super buff risers and handle bars as well as cool tee shirts and leather vests .

As well as a budding young entrepreneur , Chris is also a pretty crackin' tattooer . Davey and his sassy little wife Jenny were down from their home in norcal , on Davey's fresh FXRP for a open house tattoo party in Anehiem and decided to come down a few extra miles to get tattooed by Chris .

The three of us all shot up the 15 and made it to Power Tattoo , Chris's new shop which is also the headquarters for Death Squad and we got the grand tour . It's a huge space with room for guest artists and a large office and stock room for the D/S gear . It was pretty impressive to say the least .

About 1/2 through the tattoo Adrian from Loser Machine showed up to see what all the fuss was about & he decided he was hungry too . Once the tattoo was good & done , we all got on the road and head over to Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub for some grub and yes , the curry chips are amazing . I've never been before even though I've known Matt for a long time . Great food and not too much cash involved made for a good refuel for the ride home .

The ride home was fast & following Barker through traffic was like pushing through a sea of drunken strangers at your local favorite bar . Traffic seemed to be driving in reverse as the three of us split through the light congestion and made it home in under 20 minutes from Carlsbad to North Park .

Did I mention that Barker likes to ride fast ? I was on the Buell so I had an easy time keeping up and even managed to get out in front a few times , only to see him in my mirror coming up hard & fast . . . but John was on his 100,000 mile plus 88 inch evo and had to whip the shit out of that bike keeping up with us . He was always right there though , we never lost him once .

All in all a great way to spend a saturday afternoon with good friends and good times .