Friday, July 6, 2012

Sometimes life is good back to you when you aren't expecting it

And sometimes people can make you feel good about people and the whole human race in general .

Case in point . After going to my eye doctor to get my new glasses checked out , his tech assistant told me that there was a weird problem with one of the lenses that was making it go from clear to blurry intermittently across the lens . It was making me feel like i was going crazy because my left eye was off & on every time I looked at something . . . very bummer .

Anyhow he pops it out and comes back with a new one and it's good to go , no biggie . I then take out my sunglasses and show him where I scratched up the lens . He tells me he'll order some new ones and take care of it for me , then tells me no charge .

I leave feeling pretty stoked on how nice he was and now sometimes people can rule instead of suck because it seems that mostly people go out of their way to suck . I'm pretty good at blowing it off and forgetting about it because i grew up as a dopey ass punk rocker that had a hard time walking down the street and not stoping traffic .

It was my own doing but whatever . I looked like a circus side show freak .

Anyhow . . . on the way home from the eye doctor I stop off at a Home Depot to grab some dude shit for some dude shit I have to do when I get home . It's what we ( dudes ) do . I get my shit and get in line and some father with a cart full of much dude shit see's me with my 2 little things and offers me his spot in line . I thank him and proceed to swipe my card only to find out that the card is denied . It was a late payment issue that as of 20 minutes ago has been handled , we're not headed for skid row anytime soon so keep it together .

The cute tattooed girl at the register tells me that it's been declined and does she want me to take one of the items off ? I get back into my wallet and pull out a lonely $10 bill and hand it to her and she tells me I need another $1.59 ( totally flirting right ? ) . So I start looking in my pockets in a futile gesture to find the lacking funds . No luck of course , but just then the same dude who let me take cuts asks me " hey how much do you need ? " I tell him the amount and he proceeds to pull out a couple bucks and covers me with it .

Humbled , and just short of embarrassed , I shake his hand & thank him and wander off . On my way out of the store , I hear cutie Mc Tattooed pants at the register telling the dudes 7-ish looking daughter , " That was a very nice thing your dad just did , you should be very proud of him " .

I hope she is and I hope she understands why , and I hope that seemingly insignificant moment lives with her for the rest of her life .

Thanks for the cut in line and for the $1.59 fellow dude , father & Home Depot shopper . I hope your project went off as well as mine did . Because of you , I had a project when I got home and I got it done . . . done right .


Arinn said...

holy fuck, what a run of truly kind people!

Rik no Orkut said...

Faria sentido se eu entendesse!