Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's another for sale locally . . . and sold !

I should change the name of this blog to Mike's new & used Sportsters for sale page . . .

It's my buddy Jay's bike , and it's a sweet little number . To the untrained eye it mostly appears to be stock , but it's lovingly massaged here & there with some subtle tricks .

Come buy it , he needs some cash .

Here's the craigslist link : SOLD!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here's another newer shot of my old '56 that Martin has now

He's making little changes along the way and keeping me posted and I like seeing how the bike's morphing into the new owners vision .

You get a bike , ride the heck out of it and change it along the way as it suits you or as you score some new sweet parts or as shit breaks off and falls to the side of the road . . . here's the latest incarnation . Sweepy new bars , and a nice round front light . Gives it a whole new personality .

My ol' lady scoot.....

Got a lot of press on it as of late, check it out on the summer issue of Street Chopper and on the Chop Cult .


Monday, July 26, 2010

This is Davey's 1960 Chevy pickup truck

235 with a 4 speed and yes he says the spot light works .

Monday, July 19, 2010

The creeper sportster price has been slashed

$5000 and you take it home .

It's cooler than a fixed gear bicycle and about the same price . . . how cool do you really want to be !

You can email him @
cell @ 702-328-9316
shop @702-458-7770

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weekend was the 6th annual King of Clubs drag race at the Barona drag strip

We took the Lazy Daze out for a quick overnighter with some friends to watch some stuff go really fast . It was a lot of fun and Vaughn's first time at an event this loud . As we pulled in some guy was warming up for his turn on teh 1/8 mile strip and Vaughn instantly let us know that " I don't like that sound guys ! "

He was pretty bummed for the first few passes and since we were parked at the end of the strip , right off the return lane , we got to enjoy a noisy parade of dragsters & hot rods and the occasional motorcycle . According to our host Jimmy , there were more bikes this year than any previous year with around 15 different bikes making runs all together . There were some R1's and Hyabussas and there were a handfull of pretty neat old triumphs and a really fast stripped down Goldwing that my friend Scott took up to 90 mph which on the 1/8 mile is pretty quick .

After all that fun the sun started to dip and it cooled off a bit , our other fellow camper Dave's band the Creepy Creeps played and by this time with no nap and a diet of sugary snacks all day , Vaughn went apeshit and started dancing around like a maniac . The one time I didn't bring the video camera . . .

Anyhow it was a long day of fun and sun and even though I was getting over a cold I still had a super good time with the family and some good friends .

On a side note just so you understand that camping isn't all fun & games . . . I thought for sure I had blown up the transmission on the way up the mountain . It started to lose a little power on the freeway and started getting worse as we climbed the grade . Once we really started pulling on the hill up to the rez , it felt like it was going to die . I actually had to pull off to the side because it was only going about 15 mph and blocking traffic badly . I stomped on the e-break , flipped on the hazzard lights and sat there for a few minutes considering my options and trying to not get too pissed . Amy just sat there quietly to let me sort it out . She's been in that predicament before and knows how to handle that situation like a pro .

I pumped the gas a few times and reved the motor a little to see what was happening and I got a loud backfire that signaled to me I need to throw it in gear and flog it . As it turned out the old beast hooked right up and blasted the hill like a champ . One more succesful campout in the books . The problem was not diagnosed but it was solved on the side of the road like so many times before , in so many different shitty old cars . Just like old times !

Here's Mikey getting busy with some of the local talent

A cool , but "blow it" wheel stand lost the race for the guy in the far lane . Still it was awesome to see a strutted triumph with a spool wheel drag racing .

Creepy Creeps in action .

Following Jimmy & Coco home . . . bye bye indians !

Vaughn clearly loved the weekend and loves camping and bbq chips .

Friday, July 2, 2010

Here's another pretty sweet sporty chop that's for sale in Las Vegas .

I copied this from a classified listing on the Jockey Journal and figured I could help out a buddy . . . check it out .

So after a couple years of putting miles on my baby "The Creeper" Ive decided to sell her. im going old man status and getting a dyna. So here goes.

The Creeper built by Kutty Noteboom of the Sinners in So.Cal.
1989 Evo Sportster 1200 4 spd motor in a older santee rigid. no stretch 38ish degrees of rake.
dyna programmable ign with hippy killer SS points cover.
S&S super E carb
adjustable pushrods
beehive aircleaner
35mm narrow glide with a 21" dual disk hub with a metzler tire.. no front brakes.
i have a 4 over ness springer that i could put on for ya or a 35mm dual disk narrow with a J brake master. you take yer pick.
2 inch stock risers with 3" rise z bars, i also have 6" risers to throw on if ya want or 5 1/2" solid riser narrow t-bars from NOISE. you pick
16"stock dual flange rear with a J brake disc set up.
moon style oil tank
older La pera high back seat on a biltwell hinge.
flat style fender with a sparto taillight.
rippled stack exhaust.
hippy killer pegs and grips and shifter knob
new stator and rotor
every wire has been gone through and is properly soldered and secure.
bike shifts great and runs damn smooth and straight for a 4 spd at around 80

The bike is solid and not for the faint of heart. Its light compact and fast! Ive ridden it for 3 years. i love it and hate to get rid of it. but the time has come for something i can throw the old lady on ad go for long trips.

The fine print. it has a dent about the size of a half dollar in the tank where my bars hit it. and a tiny one on the other side. bout the size of a dime. the pipes also didnt agree with a parking block and theres a dent in the front pipe where it bends from header to the straight section of pipe. Like i said this bike is a rider. oh ya and the old lady was on the fender the night of the Dice party out here in vegas and the fender bracket under the seat broke. its been fixed and is strong as shit now but the paint on the fender is gona around the area of the welds. you cant really see it so no harm no foul, i was just lazy and never repainted that part. But even with dents it still looks damn good and shines in the sun. Gets looks and questions everywhere i go. See how many times you can have some chap wearing old man ask you what year your shovel head is!....then argue for 20 min about how he !!!knows!!! its not a sportster cuz a sportster just doesnt look that cool.

im asking 7K O.B.O. please dont try and lowball. i will entertain offers but wont be insulted with tire kickers. this is much cheaper than i paid and well worth the price for a great bike built by one of the best bike builders in the country in my opinion. And you can get on it and ride away.

Best part! Its registered as a 1989 harley sportster. So you dont have to deal with any B.S. special construction. neck has original VIN.

You can email me @
or call my cell @ 702-328-9316
or my shop 702-458-7770

Thanks for your time.