Friday, November 9, 2012

Same Taste as a Shotgun

I was contacted a little while back , by a guy who told me that he liked my blog and my tattooing and thought I would be interested in reading a book he had written . His book is self published and so far has a small run of copies , and he asked me if he sent me a copy would I be interested in reading it .

It's always a little weird when someone goes out of their way to try and do something nice for a total stranger , but I like to do shit like that too , so I agreed .

I'm glad I did because it was a fun book and since it was written about a part of my hometown that I remember pretty clearly from my childhood , it made it interesting to me in a familiar way .

It's a pulp crime type of story about how part time bad guys , with the right motivation , can end up being good guys at the end of the day .

If you like to read about good guys and bad guys and strippers and the occasional crackhead getting their ass whooped , get ahold of this guy and get a copy of his book .

Thanks for the book man , It was a good read .

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