Friday, August 3, 2012

His name is Astro

We got him when Amy moved into my house that I was renting back in 1994 . We had been dating for a while and she was always talking about how she wanted a little chihuahua . I told her that we would get one if and when she ever moved in , and when she eventually did , we did .

Our good friend Matt found an add in the reader for a family that was breeding chihuahua puppies and we called them , to find out that they had one left , and we decided to go see him . They told us that if we didn't take him home that they would probably keep him because he was snow white and they had never seen an all white chihuahua before . That and he was very friendly and all around awesome .

We tried to think of a good name for him and did the whole " let's wait and let the name come to us " deal . It never did , until our friends Amy Lu & Bob met him and decided that Astro ( of the Jetsons fame ) seemed to fit his personality , and so it was .

He's been to Palm Springs and helped me get drunk . . .

then he took care of Amy when she was hung over .

He could rock a pink polo shirt and make it look good .

He helped remodel our kitchen .

He would yell at babies .

Then he would plant one right on the mouth . He was very big in Japan .

He had a pro model .

He enjoyed dining alfresco , sometimes too much . . .

He would drive anywhere at the drop of a hat and had been to more car shows up & down the coast than most people I know . He would ride in the back of a chopped up old car with no windows for hours and not complain a peep .

He was a great on the road , old car or new , he loved it all .

He watched over me while I slept . . .

He was the best dog anyone could have ever wanted , and he was our best friend for so long it makes my head hurt trying to figure it all out .

We had been taking pictures of him for the whole time we had him and this is the last picture of him I took , as he lay dying next to me . It was quiet and very peaceful and he couldn't have gone out any better . All through out his long fun filled life , I was so proud of him and now even in death he made me proud one last time .

He was a hero as dogs go . A lover , a tiny fighter and most of all a true solid friend . He will be missed and it will hurt each time we think of him gone , but his memory lives on in our hearts and that will always make me smile .

Goodbye little friend . . .


SevenThirteen said...

bummer buddy, sorry to hear about your loss

bobx said...


very cool tribute.

im sorry for your loss.

thank you for posting this.

Rik no Orkut said...