Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Okay enough of that sad shit . Silverado update # 1

So my buddy Dave who a few posts back was going to put a set of Cragars on his 60's Dodge wagon ran into some trouble with them and decided to bail on the idea . Bad for him , good for me .

He made me a pretty fair deal & I got the set of NOS never mounted late 70's Cragars for a decent price and aside from a little road rash due to idiot shippers , and one dummy trying to take out a small dent with a large crescent wrench that was incurred due to said idiot shippers . . . they are mint .

14 X 6 , chrome is prefect and they came in the original boxes with the original booklet and a set of NOS hubcaps . It shows you how to mount them and this and that . You know , neat old shit .

The Tru Spokes will be for sale as soon as I get the Cragars mounted , so keep an eye out .

I also realized that I need to lower it in the back , like 2 more inches to get it to sit right . That will mean it needs to be notched , so that will be sometime down the line after I redo the exhaust . . .

The fun never ends !

These are now for sale , let me know when you want to come get them !


grant said...

miss my '72 C-10 slammed with cragars and 1" your truck

Rik no Orkut said...