Monday, June 22, 2009

I found this picture of my old '54 online somewhere

It looks good in bare metal . It's neat to be able to see all those welds again . . .

It looks like whoever owns it now has done a lot of nice metal work and cleaned up the body a LOT

Now if they could just make that hood close in the back the way it's supposed to !!

Barker's freedom machine

Matt came over on Sunday and we watched a few innings of Padres baseball . . . oddly enough they won this game . I might have to have him over more often to help get us out of the slump we've been in .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For sale , to a good home please . . .

I've never needed to go inside the motor but from what I know about it it is a 93" stroker with S&S internal stuff . '56 cases & 66 shovel heads .

It has a super E S&S carb and it pulls like you're coming out of a cannon . The stroke gives it hard starts off the curb and wheelies all day but with the gearing at 26 / 51 it cruises 80 + all day with a lot of twist left on the throttle . This bike is fast and quick . . . in short it hauls a lot of ass .

The whole rest of the bike is made up from custom & home made one off parts as follows . . .

Home made struts from Bung King kit with a Yamaha front fender as a rear . Home made fender brackets as well , drilled for speed and horse power .

Super Sixties seat cover , that matches the all white rubber treatment to show everyone that you have lots of class , and that you are a gentleman . The seat has a custom mount that was hand crafted , chromed and nibbled on for a perfect fit . 3" seat springs for the cushion & pushin .

Super trick 4" over wide glide with with matching bells , and tricked out sportster front drum brake , laced by Buchanan's to a 21 " HD rim .

The fork legs are extra extra custom , shaved down by the world renowned Chopper Dave . Brake anchor also added by Dave to stop this beast up front .

Evil yellow Aris rectangle headlamp with 100 watt halogen bulb upgrade , cuts through the night like a light sabre . It is actually very bright on the road .

Custom Z-bars , very narrow and mean looking . Makes you grimace at old women and young tough guys . Risers are new style springer / softail risers for that old time look but a modern performance .

Full custom exhaust , mostly home made parts here , with vintage cocktail shaker " mufflers " . Don't kid yourself , it's loud . I made lots of the bends and joints , and there are some super top secret Pep Boys ripple bends in there for good taste . Dipped in chrome to perfection , really pisses off the pipe wrap crowd .

Mid controls are home made also and come off the rear floorboard mounts . I made these out of a set of passenger peg mounts that came off the rear trans mount . . . cut em up & heated & welded then chromed according to the doctrine of ye olden days . They aren't super high mids so they are easy to manage and make the bike feel very aggressive and in control . I'm 6'-3" and they are very comfortable for me .

Controls are FL style & cut up & chromed to include fancy white rubber pegs , just one more subtle custom touch that most people will never notice , but will make you feel like a king amongst men .

Frame is a 1949 wishbone and is very straight , still has sidecar loops but no tool box mount , fat bob mounts and rear stand stuff . . . Can't win 'em all .

1" open belt with a dash of chrome sprinkled on the clutch parts .

Homer made key switch mount , could have bought one , but I made one instead . . . go figure .

Mallory billet electronic ignition , flawless performance at all times .

Custom sidemount plate ( 1956 YOM ) bike is registered HD / 1956 , with a vintage bullet tailight / brakelight dual filament deal . LED bulb which is super bright to keep bumpers out of your ass .

4 speed HD 1965 trans with hand shifter . Even that was massaged to perfection , trimmed down 2 inches , reshaped and the chromed to hide that anything had even been done at all . The stock length hand shifter hits you in the back of the thigh when you come to a stop and put your foot down . . . not this one baby .

The gas tank . . . I keep forgetting who painted it because I got it in a trade . It's an old Wassel tank with fancy leaky brass petcocks . Amazing deep blue metalflake paint job over solid creme white that explodes in the sun light . It's mounted tight and solid and makes girls at the bust stop smile at you , or at least they smile at me . You're smiles may vary .

The bike is a quick starter , 2 or 3 kicks every time . It's never left me stranded except for me running out of gas because I was wind jammin and rolling down the long miles .

$15,000 or as close as you can get to it .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I had a visit today from a couple friends . . . We went to hooters for lunch and it was pretty tastey

My friend Davey was in town for his Grandpa's 90's birthday and he was staying at my house . Our other friend Kutty rode down for some wings and a cold one or 3 , and we met our buddy Barker at the gaslamp Hooters , and it was a good time .

It's also nice that Hooters has a full bar now days . . . nothing washes down boneless wings and cheesy fries with a side of cheesy tatter tots , like a jack & coke and a large iced tea .

The bikes stayed in the garage for this one , Kutty said his butt was a little tender from the ride . . . I think it was from something else , but we'll never know .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's that fun time of year again , summer . . . and there's a lot going on , including this

This is a real steam powered mini train that runs in Poway

In old town Poway . We wanted to go there to ride the train and eat at the Hamburger Factory . As it turns out they were both pretty awesome . The train ride was only $2.00 or so , and it went around the park twice . . . what a bargain .

This is a shot of it rolling by after we already had our lunch and our train ride .

turns out someone loves hot dogs . . .