Saturday, August 29, 2009

This little gem rolled up in front of my house yesterday

My friend Matt has another friend Reaps and this bike belongs to him I guess . It's his San Diego bike , because apparently he lives up in San Jose or something and he likes to have a bike in town that he can use when he's down here .

Anyhow Matt is the keeper of the bike while Reaps is out of town and he decided to spend an hour trying to kick over the mag fired goodness , start it up and then drive it over .

Vintage panhead chopper gnar .

Monday, August 24, 2009

I built this little Flathead about 20 years ago , give or take . I can't remember an exact date

As it turns out it has found its way into good hands . I'm proud to see that it's still pretty much the same as I did it , except for a new correct springer , and different bars , seat & exhaust . I guess one of the old timer Booze Fighters has it now and it's actually part of the club's annual celebration . It still looks good and I'm glad it's loved and in a good home . I was sent these recent photos by B/F Josh I think . Support your local !

Vaughn relaxing at Tiki Oasis '09

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It would appear that this nut didn't fall too far from it's tree . . .

I don't normally do endorsements , but this stuff is great

Coral , who is the wife of my good friend Jimmy , makes this line of home made skin care . I was at the Tiki Oasis all weekend in my sandals , and my feet were starting to look like paws . COral gave me a loofa embedded soap and a nice Pearish whipped sugar scrub . Well needless to say my feet feel like a babies butt and I smell delightful all over .

I suggest you go to her site over in the links part of my blog , Bloodbath Body Products and at least check it out . Stimulate the economy all little by buying something that is made in the USA by someone who cares about how good you smell .

Friday, August 14, 2009

This was sent to me from Davey from an undisclosed location in the Pacific ocean

I bet I can guess where they were enjoying this frozen delight !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We went camping last weekend with some of the extended family

Took the shasta and it was flawless . I need to put a battery in there some day for night time lights at campsites without docks , but till then we are camping it up 60's style . Except for the truck of course , which pulled the little Shasta with little to no effort . 4 wheel discs coming down the mountain was a nice treat !

We were at Cyuamaca at Paso Picacho and besides it being a little too warm , it was beautiful . Once night time fell , it cooled off a little and the drinks started flowing and the fire was going . . . can't wait till next time .