Thursday, October 30, 2008

sometimes I wonder what the fuck people are thinking about

I was cruising eBay looking for various junk & funny things that people try to sell , and low and behold , wtf is this . . .

I actually watch that Sons of Anarchy show , I know I know . . . . but I think it's funny and the chicks are kind of hot & skanky . Neat bikes , silly gun fights & stuff . . . you know whatever , It's a funny TV show .

But then I see this on eBay and cant help but wonder , what happens to the sorry dope who buys this and slaps it on to roll down to his local bike night at Hooters on his Springer Heritage Softail ® and pulls up next to a real club member at a light , or a cop with a hard-on who isn't sure who this new " outlaw " is that he's never seen before . . . better shake him down , toss him up against the fender for a few minutes , etc .

I think a shark somewhere has officially been jumped .

****update *****

the patch set alone sold for $300 , that's without the vest mind you , and there are more listed as " buy it now " for the same amount . . . go figure .

Friday, October 24, 2008

I call this one ," a good time about to happen "

By request . . . the recipe

you fill a shaker 1/2 full with ice cubes . Crushed ice is better but sometimes I don't have crushed ice so regular cubes will do . Then cover the ice with some good rum . Mine at the time was this bottle of Brugal . Awesome dominican rum . I would use Meyer's regularly but someone gave me this as a gift so I went crazy with it .

So cover the ice with rum , then a good chug of the Malibu , and quick splash of the Grand Mariner and fill the rest up with the lemonade , a few good shakes and pour over the rocks into your favorite mug . . . then say goodbye to your troubles because you're stoked as of right now .

Antique mall treasures . . .

some pictures don't need a bunch of words

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's a nice honda my friend Kutty build a long time ago

I got to ride this little green monster with my wife on the back , in the rain to a birthday party Kutty was having for someone at this bar in Hemet . He wanted to drive his truck but also wanted the bike to be there too , as they were having a sort of car show as well as a party . . . long story .

Anyhow it was my wife's first time on any kind of a chopper and we were following our other friend Billy . It was starting to rain and the road was at that point where it was just starting to get slippery . SO as we get to the main road we hit a stop sign and Billy thinks he sees an opening . . . only the traffic is suddenly very heavy and at the last minute he stops cold .

I'm coming up on him pretty hot because it looked like he was going for it and I only had a drum break in the back so I'm not stopping , I gotta go for it . Right when I lean into it , that's when I see his dim ass break lights go on and realize he's stopped . . . not stopping , but dead in his tracks , not going anywhere stopped .

I grab the clutch , put out my left foot and stand on the break and go into a speedway style slide to the left , into a right hand turn , again with amy on the back . Oh and here's a secret I didn't mention . . . there's no seat or even pegs for a passenger . She's full on fender slidin' , her feet on the frame , outlaw jammin . 18 violaitons if a cop sees us for sure , maybe get slapped around just on principle .

We slide up to about 3 feet from his rear bumper and the bike straightens up and just when I think were going to hit him , he takes off , and I nail it , throw the bike over to the right , and get in right behind him like I knew what I was doing the whole time . Of course Kutty is behind us and thinking the whole time that his new bike is about to be wrecked right before his eyes , before we even make it to the show and how he's going to have to spend the night in the hospital holding my hand .

I'm not sure Amy knew how dead we were till after we got to the party and had a few drinks and Kutty started tripping out on how good I saved that scene but it looked for sure like we were gonners , but I was such a good rider , can't believe you kept that thing upright . . . etc etc etc .

She didn't like that very much .