Monday, November 24, 2008

I have a couple of friends who do full concourse quality BMW restorations

And the editor of a certain motorcycle magazine got ahold of this bike and brought it down to them to do a " sympathetic restoration " , meaning it will be very carefully taken apart and then put back together again not changing the outward look or patina of the machine at all . It will basically look like it was never opened up , to remain a time capsule of sorts .

The reason that this fairly unassuming looking bike is being taken such good care of is because it has a pedigree of sorts , it was built and painted by Kenneth Howard himself , in the mid 50's . The owner of the bike has a smaller peanut tank that came with the bike & had a matching paint job & stripes that was signed " Von Dutch " , but on this larger tank there was no such markings . It was obvious to the new owner that they were both painted by the same guy which makes this bike a little piece of motor history .

This bike is amazing in it's simple awkwardness and lack of any kind of " style " or flow . . . it is just a fun street bike built to ride off curbs and slide around corners . . . take notes , because this is one of a kind and I got to see it up close and personal .

Anyhow , I had to run down there and take some pictures before it came all apart . . . enjoy !

Monday, November 17, 2008

We went camping this weekend at Warner Springs Ranch

There's this cool spot about 15 minutes north of Julian and some pretty nice twisties on the way up there . They have these neat adobe houses that you can stay in so it's only just barley " camping " but there's a lot of great hiking and walking around and a huge pool where the spring water ends up after it cools off in that big basin you see above .

It comes right out of the ground at around 140 degrees and it's about 120 degrees & cooling in the natural holding pool . By the time it gets to the actual swimming pool , it's about 105 / 110 . The only thing about it is that the whole place smells like sulfur .

Kind of stinky , but otherwise beautiful .

Sunday, November 9, 2008

hot off the presses , I have a few of these for sale

I made a bunch of these for my friends after seeing an image that Max Schaaf posted on his blog a while back . Everyone seems to dig this little monster and if you're old enough like me you remember him from your childhood . After I gave them all out I had a few left over . Guess I didn't have as many friends as I thought . . . story of my life !

He's a little different from the original one flipping the bird , this one's kind of PG-13 . I don't know if Max redrew it himself , or it was already redrawn like this but I redrew it one more time and cleaned it up a little and here it is for you to have .

$15 each , shipped .

Just leave a comment with how many & what size & I'll get back to you with my paypal info .

First come first served and I don't have a lot so get one for yourself and one for someone for Christmas & make a new friend !

***update*** each weeks shirts will be shipped on friday


Wednesday, November 5, 2008