Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So I've been looking for a sport bike to scratch that other itch . . .

The one that a chopper can't really scratch . I love choppers and always will , and I'm certainly not getting rid of the '56 but I also like to ride fast and stop hard and lean around corners . . . that kind of shit .

Well a friend who is really into sport riding has this bike , a 2008 Buell Ulysses . It's kind of a sport / touring bike . Little longer wheelbase than the lightning , slightly more horsepower and larger fuel capacity , bigger cc's . . . etc . Sort of a bigger bike all around , which will fit me well . Not to mention that my friend is 6'6" so I know I'll fit on it like a charm .

He has this bike as well as a brand new Kawasaki Z1000 or some such monster and decided he wanted only one bike , and chose the Kaw . I have been bugging him about letting me have the Buell when he was tired of it and I finally got the call .

I won't bother with what I'm getting it for , suffice to say it's obnoxiously low . He's a good friend and he really made me an offer I couldn't refuse . Keep an eye out for my taillight , moving rapidly away from you , very soon .


Chris said...

You are stoked. I have an 07 Ulysses and I love it. Torque is fun. Did your buddy paint the fame black or is that stock? Either way it looks good.

Kris said...

that thing's cool.