Wednesday, September 17, 2008

score of the week

So I talked to an old aquaintence of mine from way back . . . he was selling at this deal called " Skater trader " where lots of people get together and sell vintage / old / interesting / junk skate gear and memorabilia . He had this skate for sale , but mentioned that he wanted to get tattooed but was broke . . . right place right time .

We struck a deal and now she's mine . 1985 29" Santa Cruz D/P with older Indy 215 6 hole trucks and Sims " the wheel II " wheels . This thing is ready for some serious carving . . . maybe tile , MAYBE one wheel out .


big scott said...

Hey Mike
i was just looking at steve cabs site and saw he was selling a 83 d.p. on ebay 4days left and it is over 1100.00! NICE SCOORE!
Big Scott

SevenThirteen said...

so when are we going to memorial and getting that tile?

max schaaf said...

awesome score