Saturday, September 27, 2008

This was back in the mid 80's

We were all sitting around drunk at my house one friday night and decided we should all go camping . In a drunken fit we decided that we should go TOMORROW and start packing now . Well for some reason we decided that instead of a relatively easy ride up into the mountains of San Diego , we should go to Big Bear . Smart thinking .

We made a bunch of phone calls to various girlfriends and people who would want to meet up with us and struck out into the night .

By 4 in the morning we were all packed up and on the road into the night .

We eventually made it at around 8 or 9 the next morning , and by later in the afternoon all the girls in the trucks showed up with food and drinks and tents and stuff . It was beautiful , and a really nice summer weekend and there was a lake that we splashed around in and lots of nakedness and tomfoolery .

Anyhow someone took this picture of me on the road , about an hour before we hit the mountains .

That was pretty awesome .


Flyin' Dutchman said...

Cool story, neat photo!!

Throwback said...

Vespa's not dead
Just sucks Now
I road these for fifteen years and still have a couple.

Meccanico di Veno said...

So making those stickers. They'll be big in Japan.

Still plan to put my Vespa chopper back on the road. I need a P200e stator, just for the backing plate, I have good coils and ignition pickup. It could stand a new clutch but I plan to fry the tire off the rim after I get it running.