Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's a nice honda my friend Kutty build a long time ago

I got to ride this little green monster with my wife on the back , in the rain to a birthday party Kutty was having for someone at this bar in Hemet . He wanted to drive his truck but also wanted the bike to be there too , as they were having a sort of car show as well as a party . . . long story .

Anyhow it was my wife's first time on any kind of a chopper and we were following our other friend Billy . It was starting to rain and the road was at that point where it was just starting to get slippery . SO as we get to the main road we hit a stop sign and Billy thinks he sees an opening . . . only the traffic is suddenly very heavy and at the last minute he stops cold .

I'm coming up on him pretty hot because it looked like he was going for it and I only had a drum break in the back so I'm not stopping , I gotta go for it . Right when I lean into it , that's when I see his dim ass break lights go on and realize he's stopped . . . not stopping , but dead in his tracks , not going anywhere stopped .

I grab the clutch , put out my left foot and stand on the break and go into a speedway style slide to the left , into a right hand turn , again with amy on the back . Oh and here's a secret I didn't mention . . . there's no seat or even pegs for a passenger . She's full on fender slidin' , her feet on the frame , outlaw jammin . 18 violaitons if a cop sees us for sure , maybe get slapped around just on principle .

We slide up to about 3 feet from his rear bumper and the bike straightens up and just when I think were going to hit him , he takes off , and I nail it , throw the bike over to the right , and get in right behind him like I knew what I was doing the whole time . Of course Kutty is behind us and thinking the whole time that his new bike is about to be wrecked right before his eyes , before we even make it to the show and how he's going to have to spend the night in the hospital holding my hand .

I'm not sure Amy knew how dead we were till after we got to the party and had a few drinks and Kutty started tripping out on how good I saved that scene but it looked for sure like we were gonners , but I was such a good rider , can't believe you kept that thing upright . . . etc etc etc .

She didn't like that very much .


Jason said...

HA!! That wa the best story I have heard in a long time. I can't let my wife read it though.

SevenThirteen said...

not bad, not as cool and falling over on the sidewalk infront of fredo's but we can't all be as cool as me....jimmy

mind pill said...

that was fucking hysterical.... i was laughing my head off...... good job...

STANDARD said...

you know whats funny mike is that Billy..whom i love to death.
has made many people wreck or get into wrecks himself..HAHA.
him around or on anything that has to do with 2 wheels is not so good...