Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is me , taking a picture of Jenny taking a picture of Davey's new tattoo

Me and Barker and John all went for a ride up to Oceanside to see our BFF Davey who was in town to get tattooed by our other buddy Chris Yvon .

Chris is the mastermind behind Death Squad a local homegrown M/C clothing and accessory manufacturer . They make super buff risers and handle bars as well as cool tee shirts and leather vests .

As well as a budding young entrepreneur , Chris is also a pretty crackin' tattooer . Davey and his sassy little wife Jenny were down from their home in norcal , on Davey's fresh FXRP for a open house tattoo party in Anehiem and decided to come down a few extra miles to get tattooed by Chris .

The three of us all shot up the 15 and made it to Power Tattoo , Chris's new shop which is also the headquarters for Death Squad and we got the grand tour . It's a huge space with room for guest artists and a large office and stock room for the D/S gear . It was pretty impressive to say the least .

About 1/2 through the tattoo Adrian from Loser Machine showed up to see what all the fuss was about & he decided he was hungry too . Once the tattoo was good & done , we all got on the road and head over to Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub for some grub and yes , the curry chips are amazing . I've never been before even though I've known Matt for a long time . Great food and not too much cash involved made for a good refuel for the ride home .

The ride home was fast & following Barker through traffic was like pushing through a sea of drunken strangers at your local favorite bar . Traffic seemed to be driving in reverse as the three of us split through the light congestion and made it home in under 20 minutes from Carlsbad to North Park .

Did I mention that Barker likes to ride fast ? I was on the Buell so I had an easy time keeping up and even managed to get out in front a few times , only to see him in my mirror coming up hard & fast . . . but John was on his 100,000 mile plus 88 inch evo and had to whip the shit out of that bike keeping up with us . He was always right there though , we never lost him once .

All in all a great way to spend a saturday afternoon with good friends and good times .

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