Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday was Valentines day and I'm not one to be told what to do and when I need to be romantic

But I do like to get the romance on every once in a while . No biggie . . .

So we go to diner at one of our favorite spots , Alexander's on 30th . It's this nice little Italian place around the corner from our house , walking distance . I made a reservation and everything . It was a festive / casual vibe we were going for . I had a shirt that buttoned up , so you know I was serious . Or at least I was trying to act serious .

About half way through our medium fancy diner , the area we were seated in started filling up . We got a spot outside , at our favorite romantic table outside on the patio in the back ( we eat there pretty often so they know us ) and Vaughn starts getting bored which means it's time for him to start getting frisky . Of course Amy & I think it's pretty cute that he's standing up on the seat telling us he needs to climb the wall and see the loud motorcycle that just went by . The couple next to us who brought their own bottle of wine didn't think it was that cute .

They weren't obvious about their bother , but again it was Valentines day after all and they were trying to have a romantic diner and all that & Vaughn wasn't having it .

This is where it gets good . Out of nowhere he decides to tell Amy " Mommy look at your boobies , that's so silly " . He isn't whispering either . I instantly bust up and Amy starts freaking out trying to shoosh him , which makes him start talking even louder .

Between me trying to high-five him & telling him " yeah mommy's boobies ! that's so silly " and the other couples nervous tension , he's putting on a show now . It was the perfect end to a perfect night . By the time everyone else's food was at the table we were asking for our desert to be put in a box to go and we made our escape .

If you haven't been I suggest you try it , romantic or just hungry . It's a great spot with great food and an easy atmosphere Alexander's on 30th

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The Pilot's Wife said...

Don't you love that we can raise our kids how weant. That our generation has the balls to allow our kids to not be hushed, that we can let them explore their surroundings... As far as the couple sitting next to you all, they obviously did not have kids yet... One day they will get it!!!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife