Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes , this is what happens when you " get on it " !

This is the aftermath of our session last weekend . Davey knew something was going on with his motor so what does he do ? Baby his way home ? Add a quart of 90 weight ? Put the bike in a truck to keep it safe . . . heck no . He pins it and blows the fucker up .

After pushing through the party in Anehiem , he starts rolling back up the coast when it started making even more noise about a 100 miles outside of Paso Robles . He decided to perform the " roadside structural integrity test " at a gas & pee stop . This very technical & scientific procedure consists of putting your right hand on the throttle and pulling back on it , in a smooth fast motion until (1) it revs up freely and exhibits no sign of loss of integrity or (2) the motor makes a sudden violent sound and stops running with a huge cloud of white smoke .

I think you can see what direction the motor decided to go in .

The rebuild cost would be almost as much as buying a new motor apparently , so anyone with a line on a big inch S&S motor out there , shoot us a note . This bike needs to be back on the road by Kutty's party in April so shake those sheds and let's see what you got out there !

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