Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Max Schaaf's super neat flat framed shovelhead

I was cruising around in my iPhoto library and found these pictures I took a while back at a Sinners' 4th of July festival of debauchery up in the LBC .

It was the first time I got to see this bike in person up close , and it's trippy all the way to the bone . First of all , it's a mag fired generator shovel in a flathead frame , and if that's not enough to sizzle your sausage , there are tons of little tweaks and touches all over this thing that will give you hours & hours of enjoyment .

Lots of rad little tricks and neat details that make this bike stand out from the regular bike night crowd . . . it actually stands out from a lot of the bikes you see by people who build bikes for a living all day long .

This guy pulls off some pretty cool shit and I think this is a good example of his fucked up vision .

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Guy@GK said...

So much funkiness, yet the lines stay spot-on...