Friday, December 17, 2010

The Caliente Tropics

This is an actual mid century motor lodge in Palm Springs and it sort of became our new , inexpensive " Vegas " for a while . Amy & I used to go to Las Vegas and throw away weekends like they were old newspapers . We went to Vegas together for the first time with my mom and Amy fell in love with it . So much so that we eventually got married there . . . that's another story .

So we discovered Palm Springs and the Caliente Tropics through the Tiki Oasis , which is an annual tiki party / seminar that celebrates tikis and the strange kitschy drunken culture that grew up around them . I never went to the Oasis while they were in Palm Springs but after seeing pictures from the event , that hotel was suddenly on our radar . We had to go check it out , and once we did we were hooked .

It's a survivor that made it through the 60's and 70's and the near death of Palm Springs as a living city due to it's out of the way location and old hermity population . It made it through the 80's when palm springs was a shit hole spring break dive bar and college kids ran rough shot over it's aging mid century facade and tired old bars , leaving piles of garbage and STD's in their wake . It survived the 90's due in no small part to the efforts of Sony Bono , who after a 4 year stint as mayor , actually resurrected the town and build the architecture of it's new success as a thriving community and in important resort destination that is now a thriving economic hot spot in the desert .

This place is a survivor and it's changed hands a few times , but we love it and we love the tikis that watch over it . . . if you are thinking about a little vacation or a quick weekend out of town that won't break your bank , try Palm Springs and try the Caliente Tropics . See if you can find all the different tikis hiding on the grounds .

I'll give you a hint , it's more fun after a few Mai Tais .

Caliente Tropics

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