Friday, December 17, 2010

Neat old timey points covers for sale

I had these made by my dear friend Dave Freston , also known internationally as Chopper Dave . He does sand casting and is a real craftsman . I found this old pendant at a swapmeet a long time ago and had him cast it in thick ass aluminum . Never before seen till right now !

They're made to fit a cone motor shovelhead , & they're hand made and hand polished right here in the good old US of A ( Long Beach to be exact ) .

I only have 10 of these so if you want one , email me and I'll let you know if they are still available . If I run out before I get to you , you'll go on a list and I'll have a second run made asap . As soon as I get them made I'll get back to you and we can make the transaction .

They're $55 shipped to your door .

Screws not included , but I figure if you have an old ass Hoggly Fergalson like I do , you already have a cruddy old stock points cover & you can just use the screws you have . If not , let me know and I'll scrounge a few up for you .

I can't promise they'll get to you by Christmas , but I'll mail them off as fast as I get your email .

Please don't post on here to get one , email me at and that way I can give you my paypal info .

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