Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I used to be in this car club

It was called the Sacred Karts . kind of a pun on Sacred hearts , or go karts or whatever . . . seemed pretty clever at the time . Anyhow we were all pretty close friends at the time and me and this other guy started the club in the back of the tattoo shop one day . It was supposed to just be fun , not really like a " club : where you always have to do stuff and pay dues and shit like that , just a fun time where you and some bros could get together and build stuff or break things or talk shit .

Unfortunately like many things in life , as it grew and became watered down with friends and friends of friends , we sort of lost focus and direction . Little cliques developed and outside people started to create animosity and bad blood between friends . . . it wasn't fun anymore . People went their separate ways , new friendships were created and ended & new directions were taken . I personally managed to get away from some pretty toxic people coincidentally , and as a result I acquired a new clarity in my life that has done me well . After all was said & done I think everything worked out pretty well , although at the time feelings were hurt . You know what they say about time healing all wounds , or something .

That doesn't erase all the fun that was had though . We made some amazing cars , drove many many miles and had fantastic adventures together .

I was messing around with some online archives and found this link to our website from 2002 . Some of these guys are still around although we've all grown up and moved on to different things . Regardless , copy & paste this URL and trip out on some old timey car shit .

Sacred Karts


Meccanico di Veno said...
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Guy@GK said...

I remember that site well... had it linked up on the ol' GK website.

Big cuffs, cool cars!

"LOUIE" said...

I remember check out that site all the time. I always dug your merc. I still see it every so often at shows. What ever happened to that 50 ford shoebox. Loved that ride too.

fatass said...

I thought you guys had the coolest club ever! I think I found it on big blue car or something like that....that's a long time ago!