Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Davey doesn't get to have all the fun

Here's some stuff I found at my Dad's house down in Bonita . He asked me and my wife and my sister and her husband to come down and go through some stuff that was up in the attic in the garage and here's part of what I discovered . . .

A nice old box of old skateboard wheels and a few truck parts . 1 full set of Kryptonics wheels slightly used but totally still good condition , no bearings . 1 set of orange wheels , no name , with bearings . 1 set of Yo-Yos again slightly used still in good shape , no bearings . 1 set of Variflex wheels , totally demolished , no bearings . 2 independent truck baseplates , 1 broken kingpin , 1 with broken mounting holes . 1 Tracker baseplate & hanger , no bushings at all . 1 Bennett hanger , 1 Excaliber hanger no axle , 1 ACS hanger no axle , & one no name baseplate that I think went to the Excaliber hanger . . . Lots of useable stuff and a few wall hangers .

These remains are the only two Indy trucks I ever broke . The one with the broken kingpin was a hang-up on a backside air at Imperial ditch . The other one is just a broken bolt hole situation , I forget how that happened . I still say Indy's best , fuck the rest !

When was the last time you rode a set of wheels down to this kind of condition ? I'm not sure what I was thinking or why this happened , I can only imagine it was just my favorite set of wheels or something . Regardless they certainly did give up every drop of usefulness .

That's part of my score from this weekend .

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Guy@GK said...

Wow... takes me back. I stopped skating in around 1980!