Monday, December 22, 2008

some shit I found in a box , in the attic , in the garage

By the summer of 1996 Amy and I had broken up and I did this photo shoot with my friend Davey who posts on here with me

He was friends with the people who owned this company called " Cantina " and they did bike gear and stuff . It was a pretty neat deal if you were into that sort of stuff .

Amy and I had broken up around this time and I tried to get Davey to get me hooked up with one of the girls in the catalog ( leaning on the front fender ) , but I guess she was married at the time .

It was just as well because almost a year later after I plowed my way through my old phone book , speed dating ex-girlfriends and their friends , we managed to find each other again through a mutual friend who came by my house and told me that she was wishing for those good old days . . .

I made a few phone calls and broke up with a few girls and the rest is history !

All of that aside , the A model roadster was owned by this old timer in a car club here in San Diego and he was the real deal . That's Davey in the red hat and that's me on the back fender of the '54 .

My 1954 Ford and Amy , my wife

I forget why we were taking pictures of my car and Amy in a bikini . . . but this was around 1998 or so . Flame throwers and hydraulics .

I fucking love those hydros . . . If I ever get another old car I'm doing hydraulics again for sure . If you set them up right they are as good as air bags any day .

I thought the flame throwers were pretty cool at the time but looking back they were kind of dorky , then again so am I , so I guess it makes perfect sense .

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a picture I took of some more home made stuff

A good friend of mine knows this guy who does really tight bends on small diameter tubing . I had him make me these bars for me that are an exact copy of a set of Scwhinn Sting Ray bars . I gave the guy a set of mid 60's bicycle handle bars and he used them as the template for the bends and pull back . They're super narrow and have a real small amount of pullback , and feel kind of weird / cool / different .

I had them chromed later and they are just hanging up in the rafters in my garage now waiting for the day I get a wild hair and decide to run them for a while on the '56 . I'll need a new break cable and maybe throttle cable , but it might be worth it for a good time .

This one's for Davey

Sirius announced today that they have in fact renewed their contract with Mr. Love Sponge, although, the terms of the deal are not yet clear at this point. EDIT: At this point we now know that this is a one year deal.

“We launched the radio revolution with Howard Stern, and I am grateful he brought me to Sirius,” said Bubba the Love Sponge. “We will continue to do uncensored, groundbreaking radio on Howard 101.”

“We are happy Bubba has renewed with Sirius,” said Scott Greenstein, Sirius’ President, Entertainment and Sports. “Bubba has steadily created an enthusiastic national fan base since he launched his show. That fan base will continue to expand on Sirius.”

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I drew this flyer for a little tattoo shop I had in my kitchen

After the shop I started in closed down I didn't have anywhere to go ply my new found trade , so of course I cleared out a little spot in my kitchen and went to work . I actually worked out of my house for the better part of 2 years and had a lot of fun and made lots of great friends . Once I got into the shop I'm with now , tattooing out of my kitchen was no longer part of the programe .

I took these flyers all around town and dropped them off at different punk rock shops and head shops , music stores , stuff like that . I did pretty well for myself but by the summer of 1990 it was time to move on . . .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

this is a bike built by my friend Gary

As you can se it's awesome and that's all you need to know about it . My friend Matt owns it now and he plans to ride the shit out of it .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the love of God don't pull that!!

I have a soft spot in my heart for caution, danger, and warning signs..

I grew up living on the other side of a fence , that had this on the opposite side of it

Around the time I was 9 and was actually riding a skateboard for real I heard kids making a bunch of noise in the ditch behind my house . They were older and smoked weed and cigarettes & stuff so we were afraid to go back there and check out what they were up to . I could crawl down to the fence at the edge of my backyard and peeked through the bushes and saw that they were riding their skateboards in this ditch .

I had seen magazines with people riding pools and stuff , but this big dirty sewer ditch was suddenly a whole new world to explore . We had to wait till they were done down there fucking around because we were " little kids " and they wouldn't have it if we tried to join them , but eventually we made some time back there carving the huge cement banks and acting like we were surfing the giant walls . Technically speaking , and knowing what I know now , it's easy to see that the flatbottom is too big , and the walls are too steep , but we beat it into submission and that's all we knew for a long time .

Soon we were dropping in from the top and making it all the way back up the other side , stalling at the top , doing 360's before we came back down . . . super lame kid stuff , but to us it was amazing and never before seen technology . We spend day after day in that nasty dirty ditch , and eventually added cement to where the older kids has built up the transition from the flat bottom to the wall . It was crude at best , but we had a whole functioning skatepark back there complete with graffiti and empty beer cans everywhere .

The grownups didn't really get it and never bothered us down there . For the most part we were pretty quiet and didn't make a huge mess , it was a drainage ditch after all so it flooded every once in a while and washed away the scraps that we left behind .

Anyhow I was down there visiting my dad and thought to take a picture of the ditch that I really leaned how to skate in , blew out my knee in , used as a short cut to escape from stoner bmx'ers that would eventually chase us though the streets . . . it has water in it now every time I'm down there now and I'm sure no one skates it anymore. They have parks for that kind of stuff these days . We had a few parks back then , but they were pretty far away and seemed like a huge mystery to a couple 11 year olds .

Now days it seems like most kids are clean and safe and do their tricks in a safe area that was designed for that purpose , life guard on duty , cel phone in your pocket if you eat shit . . . we were in a fucking sewer channel with toilet water dust in our cuts & bruises , it was dirty and harsh , but the only thing I really remember was now much fun we had .