Monday, December 22, 2008

By the summer of 1996 Amy and I had broken up and I did this photo shoot with my friend Davey who posts on here with me

He was friends with the people who owned this company called " Cantina " and they did bike gear and stuff . It was a pretty neat deal if you were into that sort of stuff .

Amy and I had broken up around this time and I tried to get Davey to get me hooked up with one of the girls in the catalog ( leaning on the front fender ) , but I guess she was married at the time .

It was just as well because almost a year later after I plowed my way through my old phone book , speed dating ex-girlfriends and their friends , we managed to find each other again through a mutual friend who came by my house and told me that she was wishing for those good old days . . .

I made a few phone calls and broke up with a few girls and the rest is history !

All of that aside , the A model roadster was owned by this old timer in a car club here in San Diego and he was the real deal . That's Davey in the red hat and that's me on the back fender of the '54 .

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Trent said...

I think I had some Cantina clothing!?