Monday, December 22, 2008

My 1954 Ford and Amy , my wife

I forget why we were taking pictures of my car and Amy in a bikini . . . but this was around 1998 or so . Flame throwers and hydraulics .

I fucking love those hydros . . . If I ever get another old car I'm doing hydraulics again for sure . If you set them up right they are as good as air bags any day .

I thought the flame throwers were pretty cool at the time but looking back they were kind of dorky , then again so am I , so I guess it makes perfect sense .


davey said...

1995... That's crazy, it don't seem that long ago.
And yes you are a dork, xoxxo

Arinn said...

Wow Amy looks great, like a real old-school pin-up! And that car is pretty rad.

Guy@GK said...

Great photo.