Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is Gordon E. Jones ,

and he's a Pearl Harbor survivor . He came into the shop a few weeks ago with his daughter to sit with her while she got a tattoo .

His handshake was strong and you could tell he was a tough old dude . He looked you right in the eye when he was talking to you and had a quick and easy smile , probably born from carrying the memory of that day with him throughout his life . We chatted for a while about stuff , told him how my dad was on a carrier during the Korean war , etc . He was pretty interesting to say the least .

He was quick as a whip and was really interesting to talk to . I'm glad I got to meet him and shake his hand . He's part of a generation that's disappearing quickly , and It was an honor to make his acquaintance .


Guy@GK said...

No two ways about it, we just don't measure up as men to those generations who fought in world wars.


Gordon Jones said...

Funny so am I so where was this Pic taken. I am in Manassas Virgina.

Gordon E Jones

=mike= said...

well you're in good company . It was taken in San Diego at the tattoo shop I work at . His daughter was in getting a tattoo and he was along for moral support .

Rik no Orkut said...