Friday, March 30, 2012

If you drive a Dodge Magnum , Chrysler 300 or a Challenger , and suddenly for no apparent reason you are stuck in park and can't get out , here's what you do .

Your shift interlock has a broken spring tab and this is how you fix it .

First get a little screw driver , like a normal sized flathead . You'll need to pop off the trim ring around the shifter to get to the interlock release cable . Push it down in-between the cable and the housing and slide it over to the left a little . this will disengage the shifter and let you get home do fix it with real tools , in your garage or driveway , rather than in a gas station parking lot or on the side of the road .

It looks pretty ghetto but totally works . If you want you could probably just leave it at that and not worry about actually fixing it for real . I'll bet you could roll like this for some time and not have any troubles . If you ever see anyone driving around like this you know what they've got going on .

I busted out the iPad and found some how to shit on YouTube that helped a lot for getting into this thing without busting everything I touched . I usually fuck around with old stuff so this was new to me and ended up being pretty fun . Anyhow once you take all the junk off from around the shift unit , you need to unhook the shift interlock solenoid ( the white thing with the cable poking out of it ) and then the shift arm ( the black rod looking thing attached to the shift unit ) . It helps if you pull the ashtray out first so you can get to these guys .

Then there are a couple electrical connections you have to undo , and 4 10mm nuts that hold the shift unit in place . Our car is a Magnum with a center console that has a hidden drink holder thingie . If you have a regular drink holder you won't have to undo the center console . . . I was not so lucky . It turned out no big deal though , 2 philips head screws in the dash and 3 8mm bolts under the plastic tray in the console . just scootch it back an inch or so and the shift unit pops right out . Here it is in all it's glory .

And this is the little fucker that stranded you . You can see the ridiculous little tab that broke off and this is where you start wondering , what the fuck . . .

OE part # 4578029AC, AE; 4578087AA, AD, AE, AG depending on application . I went to O'Riley's and got a Dorman's replacement part # 924-706 which is oddly enough made out of metal .

Go figure .

Why doesn't Dodge make these things out of metal ? Well because when you need to get this problem fixed at a dealership they have to replace the whole shift unit ( $200 ish ) and charge you $200 in labor . The replacement part cost $39 . I saved $360 , give or take doing this job myself .

Planned obsolescence can go fuck itself as far as I'm concerned .

Here's the new linkage in place , after a few dabs of lithium grease to ensure smooth moves in the future . Looks like it will outlast the car now .

Problem solved , crisis averted . Money saved and male ego fully in tact , till next time something breaks and I get the opportunity to test Amy's patience with desire to do this kind of shit myself all the time .

All buttoned up and ready to go .


Keisha said...

plastic and hot pink really?

Arinn said...

god damn it, are you ever a handy dude to have around!

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