Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekend Gypsy

Is the name of my wife's little pet project she's been working on for a while now . It's the name of her Etsy store and also what she sort of thinks of herself . Since she's a full time mommy and wife , she only has time to be a part time gypsy ! We've started making crystal jewelry together . The cool part is that the crystals are set in fired bullet casings .

Bullets that we shoot at the range together and collect , then polish them and make twisted wire hangers and set the crystals . Kind of artsy craftsy stuff , but I get to help with the more intensive ( dangerous ) aspects of it like the soldering and the polishing .

These crystals are all pretty cool looking and depending on the finish ( some of them are polished , some are wire wheeled and some are just raw brass ) they really take on different looks . They're all pretty awesome though .

Take a look at the few of them we have online so far and pick one out for your special lady friend . We can also make them personal with a certain caliber and particular crystal if you want to surprize someone special with a real treat , for no good reason .

Just remember . . . home made junk is the best junk , support your local junk makers !

The Weekend Gypsy

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