Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's another one that makes you wonder , what are these guys thinking . . .

I love Star Wars just as much ( okay way more than ) the next guy . Mix that up with a healthy dose of outlaw motorcycle inspired culture , after all Darth Vader is one of the baddest bad guys out there . He's a fucking outlaw for crying out loud !

I'm not sure if this is an actual Lucas Films ® endeavor and they engaged a team of copyright lawyers make sure this was different enough to not step on any toes , or if they just figured they had more or tougher lawyers than someone else . Maybe this is a tag team rip off and no one knew it was happening . That would make for 2 very pissed groups of people who both have very aggressive legal teams at their disposal . . . regardless it's pretty bad ass , on a nerdy / outlaw level .

I'm not sure if I would wear this out of the house as that could initiate some very awkward conversation with certain people who take this stuff very seriously . . . but it is a really interesting crossbreed of 2 very interesting and different cultures .

Once again the " outlaw subculture " gets a bite taken out of it by the mainstream .