Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mods & rockers ride in the mountains

This guy takes pictures up on the route 94 and sells them on his website after the fact . This is me grinding down the frame rails on the 77 , knees in the breeze style .

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

" Self explanatory post " tuesday

Last year I broke my toe dirt tracking on a rigid frame motorcycle . . . this year who knows what can happen . It'll be a lot of fun for sure , that I know .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Davey's sportie is still for sale . . . c'mon people let's stimulate his economy !!!

Open to reasonable offers . Don't be shy kiddies , this thing is fast & rides hard . It will make you a man with no other manly expertise needed .

Strider down the driveway of doom . . . !

With the chrome helmet , he really has a feel for the breeze on his knees .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Text only Ticket time Thursday

I think most of you guys know what it feels like to see the red lights in your mirror . I got pulled over this morning dropping my wife off at the ASR downtown where she is working and had to take her down in the truck .

We were driving through the ghetto and noticed what at first seemed like a funeral cop on an older FLH . Then I noticed it was a real cop bike with a real cop on it . We talked for the time it took the light to change about how cops don't get to ride Harleys anymore and how it was nice that he got to .

So I go right and he pulls in behind me and I start doing the dance . You know the dance . . . full stop at all stops , signals , pay close attention to the speed limit , everything you can think of to be legit , then suddenly , bam . Lights & siren time .

I pull over instantly and Amy looks at me like " okay seriously we didn't do anything wrong . . . what's this guy up too " .

He strolls up and asks for my license and I hand it to him , and with a smile I'm telling him We were just talking about you and your bike and that it must be nice to get to ride an HD over the more new fangled BMW or Kawasakis . How did you manage to get a hog , etc . Well suddenly we're old time bros talking about bikes and this and that . . . as it turns out I just had a brake light that wasn't working , no biggie , but I came off nice with him out of the gate and he was nice back . Let me slide with a stern " make sure you fix that , have a nice day . "

It's always a nice feeling when you get a pass .

This could be the nice start to a nice weekend . . . everyone check your shit , because California is looking to make a lot of money this year by pulling people over and issuing tons of random tickets due to our fucked up economy and state debt .

I'd like to think I totally charmed my way out of this ticket , but I think I got a little lucky too .

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bigfoot / foot print steak ( broiled with butter & garlic )

This just in . . . saturday night I cooked up a steak for Amy and when I got it out to slice it up , i was astonished to see that it was actually shaped like a cast of a big foot foot print . . . i was going to send it to the Smithsonian , but by the time I got the box out and the address googled , Amy had eaten it all !

The best part is that it was the same size as Amy's foot . . . erie and mysterious !!

Mods vs Rockers ride & show 2010 was this weekend

I went on the ride but opted out of the meet & greet . Not really anyone I want to meet these days so I figured I wouldn't be missing much . The ride was nice though . I took the '77 and although it's way to low to carve canyons , I did a pretty good job . Every once in a while someone would creep up behind me and I would dive into a corner and shower them with sparks . They would back right up and let me go on my way .

These were some of the bikes that were in the parking lot before we left . I was bummed though because my usual posse of Fredo & Jimmy & Barker all tapped out on actually going on the ride . Jimmy & Coral had stuff to do at home , and I guess Fredo's bike wouldn't start while he was waiting for Jimmy to start his bike , then Barker decided to show up after the ride with Reaps and just chill a little , so it was up to me and my buddy Jay on his weird sidecar bike and our other friend Tim who does concourse restorations on vintage BMW's . I should have taken a picture of his bike , it's amazing and spotless and he was pounding out the corners too .