Monday, February 1, 2010

Mods vs Rockers ride & show 2010 was this weekend

I went on the ride but opted out of the meet & greet . Not really anyone I want to meet these days so I figured I wouldn't be missing much . The ride was nice though . I took the '77 and although it's way to low to carve canyons , I did a pretty good job . Every once in a while someone would creep up behind me and I would dive into a corner and shower them with sparks . They would back right up and let me go on my way .

These were some of the bikes that were in the parking lot before we left . I was bummed though because my usual posse of Fredo & Jimmy & Barker all tapped out on actually going on the ride . Jimmy & Coral had stuff to do at home , and I guess Fredo's bike wouldn't start while he was waiting for Jimmy to start his bike , then Barker decided to show up after the ride with Reaps and just chill a little , so it was up to me and my buddy Jay on his weird sidecar bike and our other friend Tim who does concourse restorations on vintage BMW's . I should have taken a picture of his bike , it's amazing and spotless and he was pounding out the corners too .


Guy@GK said...

Where are the scooters... no Mods?

=mike= said...

Guy the scooters were on a different route & different start point . By the time they all showed up after the ride , I was ready to get the fuck out of there and go home . sadly no pictures of scooters this time . I think the local Ton Up club here in san diego has a website , and I'm sure there will be a bunch of pictures in the next few days .