Thursday, February 4, 2010

Text only Ticket time Thursday

I think most of you guys know what it feels like to see the red lights in your mirror . I got pulled over this morning dropping my wife off at the ASR downtown where she is working and had to take her down in the truck .

We were driving through the ghetto and noticed what at first seemed like a funeral cop on an older FLH . Then I noticed it was a real cop bike with a real cop on it . We talked for the time it took the light to change about how cops don't get to ride Harleys anymore and how it was nice that he got to .

So I go right and he pulls in behind me and I start doing the dance . You know the dance . . . full stop at all stops , signals , pay close attention to the speed limit , everything you can think of to be legit , then suddenly , bam . Lights & siren time .

I pull over instantly and Amy looks at me like " okay seriously we didn't do anything wrong . . . what's this guy up too " .

He strolls up and asks for my license and I hand it to him , and with a smile I'm telling him We were just talking about you and your bike and that it must be nice to get to ride an HD over the more new fangled BMW or Kawasakis . How did you manage to get a hog , etc . Well suddenly we're old time bros talking about bikes and this and that . . . as it turns out I just had a brake light that wasn't working , no biggie , but I came off nice with him out of the gate and he was nice back . Let me slide with a stern " make sure you fix that , have a nice day . "

It's always a nice feeling when you get a pass .

This could be the nice start to a nice weekend . . . everyone check your shit , because California is looking to make a lot of money this year by pulling people over and issuing tons of random tickets due to our fucked up economy and state debt .

I'd like to think I totally charmed my way out of this ticket , but I think I got a little lucky too .


davey said...

Yes it's true, Monterey Co.'s finest showed up at my place looking for our roommate for some shit from 2002. I got felt up and then after running my DL was informed that i was "not a axe murderer" good times bros good times..........They need money and are looking for it any where the can get it..

Arinn said...

What are you talking about? You're such a charmer<3