Thursday, November 4, 2010

More good times & urban camping

Camping pretty much always rules . Even camping on a parking lot is fun if you have good friends and a huge beautiful ocean to trip out on while you're parked . We went down to Silver Strand state beach a few weekends ago and did some hobo style / gypsy camp / power parking .

We were about 20 feet from the beach and it was a real nice and quiet . A few families across from us were there for a birthday party for some kid so there was a medium amount of well mannered revelry going on . The only casualty was when Dave's son biffed it on his bike and bit his lip pretty hard . Luckily it was at the end of the bike ride / stroll and a few cookies and a couple hugs later and he was right as rain and ready to rock again .

If you've never been to the strand it's pretty amazing . The state beach is really calm and nice and on the bay side there's lots of great nature to check out if you're into leisurely strolls . After a bottle of cheap wine I was feeling pretty leisurely so off we went . A good view of Nasco and the shipyard as well as a bunch of destroyers and battleships & a few big carriers . Lots of paved trails and places to go and neat things to check out .

It was just a one nighter , we live pretty close to the beach so it was in & out . Over the bridge and into the strand . . . but it was really cool and left me wanting more . We need to get a few more mountain campouts now that the nights up there are starting to cool off , and maybe a desert trip in before it starts getting too cold . . .