Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been digging around in my garage , & I've been finding old shit that I have no use for anymore .

I'm trying to thin out my junk that I've accumulated over the years , and It's daunting to say the least .

I have had this Clifford manifold for almost 15 years and never used it .It's for a Ford 223 inline 6 . I think it's safe to say I might never use it . I'd like to get rid of it for $200 ( ish ) . It has the 4bbl adaptor and is ready for some burnouts . I also have these little scoops that I had a on a '50 ford I had a long time ago with a built flathead . They were from Mooneyes back in the early 90's . $20 for the set . Help me simplify my life and take this shit out of here !

Stay tuned , I'm going through my stash of junk and I'm going to be getting rid of a LOT of old stuff I have no real use for . Some of it might be garbage and some of it could be gold . Depends on what you see when you're looking at it .

scoops are sold

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SevenThirteen said...

hey mike, i will take the scoops...thanks ....-R