Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A friend of mine is selling this fancy swingarm for an FXR , here's the info .


I got a used one here for a FXR, S, or T. Polished - could use a machine buff, some scratches and nicks, but still real nice. With the excentric axle adjusters, axle, bushings,and all tabs. I have the two axle adjuster spanner wrenches for it. 9 3/4" wide at the axle (3/4" axle). Straight as an arrow, no bolt holes are stripped out.

Figure a new polished JMC for an FXR with excentric adjustment goes for about $470.00 USD, and then there's the gawdawful wait for it, plus the shipping, and the duty tax on it when it gets here, I'd like to get $350.00 for it - or a FAIR offer.


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hey Mike does he still have it -- will it fit on a shovel fxr ?