Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weekend was the 6th annual King of Clubs drag race at the Barona drag strip

We took the Lazy Daze out for a quick overnighter with some friends to watch some stuff go really fast . It was a lot of fun and Vaughn's first time at an event this loud . As we pulled in some guy was warming up for his turn on teh 1/8 mile strip and Vaughn instantly let us know that " I don't like that sound guys ! "

He was pretty bummed for the first few passes and since we were parked at the end of the strip , right off the return lane , we got to enjoy a noisy parade of dragsters & hot rods and the occasional motorcycle . According to our host Jimmy , there were more bikes this year than any previous year with around 15 different bikes making runs all together . There were some R1's and Hyabussas and there were a handfull of pretty neat old triumphs and a really fast stripped down Goldwing that my friend Scott took up to 90 mph which on the 1/8 mile is pretty quick .

After all that fun the sun started to dip and it cooled off a bit , our other fellow camper Dave's band the Creepy Creeps played and by this time with no nap and a diet of sugary snacks all day , Vaughn went apeshit and started dancing around like a maniac . The one time I didn't bring the video camera . . .

Anyhow it was a long day of fun and sun and even though I was getting over a cold I still had a super good time with the family and some good friends .

On a side note just so you understand that camping isn't all fun & games . . . I thought for sure I had blown up the transmission on the way up the mountain . It started to lose a little power on the freeway and started getting worse as we climbed the grade . Once we really started pulling on the hill up to the rez , it felt like it was going to die . I actually had to pull off to the side because it was only going about 15 mph and blocking traffic badly . I stomped on the e-break , flipped on the hazzard lights and sat there for a few minutes considering my options and trying to not get too pissed . Amy just sat there quietly to let me sort it out . She's been in that predicament before and knows how to handle that situation like a pro .

I pumped the gas a few times and reved the motor a little to see what was happening and I got a loud backfire that signaled to me I need to throw it in gear and flog it . As it turned out the old beast hooked right up and blasted the hill like a champ . One more succesful campout in the books . The problem was not diagnosed but it was solved on the side of the road like so many times before , in so many different shitty old cars . Just like old times !

Here's Mikey getting busy with some of the local talent

A cool , but "blow it" wheel stand lost the race for the guy in the far lane . Still it was awesome to see a strutted triumph with a spool wheel drag racing .

Creepy Creeps in action .

Following Jimmy & Coco home . . . bye bye indians !

Vaughn clearly loved the weekend and loves camping and bbq chips .

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