Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I got this email from my wife this morning . . .

"ok :)
dang so when i dropped vaughn off he was excited to see lyric and so was pretending he was a dog and was barking at lyric and lyric got freaked out and ran up and pushed him super hard.. vaughn got sad..and crumpled up on the floor.
lyric said sorry.. and then jerermy came over and said "lets help him up".. it was so sad yet sweet that the other kids wanted to help him "

This kind of stuff sort of breaks your heart a little , but then again it makes you really feel excited that he is a little thinking feeling person and learning about how to get a long in life and be a little man . He has little friends that came to help him and try to make him feel better and his pal Lyric felt bad and wanted to make it better too . . . shit this kind of stuff kills me !

This weekend we were having a little time relaxing in the alley with our neighbors Chris & Sara and their little posse of boys . They started out playing soccer with the little mexican kids who live next door to them and it sort of spilled out into out garage after we started making drinks with my other friend Jay ( he has the side car on the russian BMW clone ) . It went from soccer to skate jam as soon as Vaughn got on my Duane Peters board and soon I had 5 little kids all jamming out and belly riding and butt jamming around the alley .

As all good thins go , pretty soon there were a few slips and falls and next thing you know everyone was crying . skate sesh , over . Vaughn caught a good one on the chin , but took it like a little man . He will live to sesh another day for sure .

I live for this shit now .

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