Friday, November 13, 2009

This is a flyer I made for a band i used to be in

The guy who played the other guitar was named Doug , and he died a while ago due to some substance type situation he had going . The drummer also died but he died on his own terms by his own hand . His name was Ed . They were both pretty good guys and at the time good friends . Sometimes I think about that time in my life , I had just graduated from high school ( well 5 years after high school , seems like forever . . . ) and everything was so surreal .

I had been tattooing out of my house for a few years at that time after tattooing out of a shop that used to be down town on State street and Broadway . I would do a few tattoos during the week and make my rent , then go play shitty rock music with my friends a few nights a month and get drink coupons & get laid here & there .

When I wasn't tattooing on friends for wine or pizza or a few bucks ( if I actually needed money for rent or mushrooms or something tangible ) , we were partying and staying up for days at my house . It was a pretty neat existence for a while , but I can't imagine that kind of abuse to myself now days . A steady diet of late night mexican food , cheap wine & whiskey , sleeping till noon or later and hosting 3 & 4 night long parties in my living room took its toll and I'm glad I got out when I did . For that I'm thankful . . . I have a very long list of friends who didn't .

I guess the live fast die young shit wasn't all it was cracked up to be .


Richie said...

My God "Glorystompers" sounds familiar...and not just from the Dennis Hopper movie.

I hear what you are saying =mike=.
I spent most of my teens & 20's playing in bands & now, even if I had an interest in "Keeping up" that kind of livin' I wouldn't do it.
It's a strange thing...having such a big part of your life turned off like it's controlled by a switch.

Guy@GK said...

I was out with some guys this weekend that I knew 25 years ago when we lived an existence like the one you describe... but they haven't wavered from that path.

I don't know how they do it. Or how they're still here. I get tired and sad just watching them.