Thursday, November 26, 2009

so , Disneyland . . .

We went to Disneyland for the first time with Vaughn a few weeks ago and he loved it . We took the train up the coast which is about a 2 hour ride and when you figure in the cost of parking and gas & the stress of driving and crazy people , it's actually pretty economic and lots of scenic fun .

We got there at about 11 o:clock and the park was almost empty . We didn't wait more than 5 minutes on the first 3 rides we went on . Jungle boat ride was great , and then we tried Pirates and he loved it . Next one was Autotopia and he was barely tall enough to go on that ride , but made it by almost an inch . Amy thought he lucked out due to his puffy hair-do .

Of course we had to get the obligatory Mickey hat , he loved it . . .

Then the reason we were there showed up . Our friends Mark & Kristin have November birthdays and Mark had never been in the Enchanted Tiki Room . . . well that didn't last very long . This is Vaughn's favorite Aunt & Uncle , Mark & Kristen . Also his God parents for good measure .

What would a trip to Disneyland be without screaming babies , so we decided to try the Haunted Mansion with no luck , he loved it !

From there it was just a short train ride to the Small World and of course since we already know that Vaughn loves trains , it was a no brainer that he would go shit house for the little steam engine around the park . Amy went a little crazy as well . . . maybe she had too much trains for one day already .

That was pretty much the end of our day at Disneyland as we had been there already for a good amount and Vaughn was starting to lose steam . He held up pretty well though and just when I thought that the day couldn't get any better . . . bing bang pow . It was owned by this guy .

We caught a cab back to Angel stadium , and he caught a brief second wind waiting for the train home .

That didn't last long though & we all caught some much needed Z's on the way back down the rail . . . see you next time Disneyland !


Arinn said...

this makes me miss california soooo much <3<3<3

LUCKY said...

SOA guy cracks me up! Some dude came walkin into our bar one late night sportin a SOA cut we politly told him he shouldn't be wearing it!

tiptopdadddy said...

Looks awesome! We leave for Disneyworld a week from Saturday. Cant wait. Viva Walt!!!