Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We went camping last weekend with some of the extended family

Took the shasta and it was flawless . I need to put a battery in there some day for night time lights at campsites without docks , but till then we are camping it up 60's style . Except for the truck of course , which pulled the little Shasta with little to no effort . 4 wheel discs coming down the mountain was a nice treat !

We were at Cyuamaca at Paso Picacho and besides it being a little too warm , it was beautiful . Once night time fell , it cooled off a little and the drinks started flowing and the fire was going . . . can't wait till next time .


j snod said...

Awesome. Is a Jetta able to tow one of those? :)

=mike= said...

They make 'em pretty small , but I can't promise you anything Jordan . . . Only one way to find out !

tiptopdadddy said...

Mike, did I tell you that my family has been in the RV biz since 1951? I've worked there on and off over the years. My childhood is filled with so many memories of camping with my family. The oldies like your Shasta are the coolest! J, I would advise against towing with anything smaller than a fullsize truck. I towed my '53 Owosso with a Land Rover Discovery and definately got pushed down the hills! Those old trailers are heavier than they look and often dont have brakes!!! -ejk