Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I helped clean this bike up with a friend

It's a 1964 CB77 Honda 305 . When we got it it was pretty rough but ran nice , it just needed to have the dust knocked off of it and have a few things replaced and added and tightened down here & there . It had a set of cocktail shakers on it , but they were super rusty and kind of thrashed so I put this set on there that I actually got from an estate sale that were NOS and never used . It took some trimming and massaging but eventually they were right at home . Got a few items off eBay like the rare Spring Fender front fender , a tail light here and a headlight ring there & a few drilled out home made brackets later & I think it really came together nice .

It was my friend Dave's birthday gift for his wife Mary and we had to keep it secret for like 3 months while he snuck over to work on it . Needless to say she was blown away when she got it . I'm pretty pleased with how well it turned out . Almost everything we got for it was NOS honda stuff , or lightly used original equipment , so the bike is pretty legit still . Under all the dust & surface rust ( which came off without too much trouble with a little tin foil and some never dull ) suddenly the chrome came to life and it started to actually look like something .

60's jap bikes are awesome , and this one turned out to be a really clean little example of what they used to run 'em like back in the day , very slight customizing here & there , but over all just a neat little bike .


Mark Veno said...

Very nice. Are the rearsets 400 Super Sport? The handlebars look about 20" wide.

Moped said...

Nice touch with the shakers. That's a good-looking little bike.

I've got a 305 Dream and a 160 - both slow as shit but damn, they're fun.

You guys clean out the sludge trap?