Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Diego 501st garrison visits the elementary school carnival , and I'm all over it . . .

Anyone who knows me , knows I'm a nerd . I've actually been called way worse throughout my life , but that one seems to keep coming back around and is apparently becoming pretty fashionable these days . Who knew . . .

I even started building my own Darth Vader costume last year , but in the middle of raising a son I ran out of " silly shit money " and the project hit a dry spot . I still might finish it someday , but there's no rush at this point however I had a sudden burst of inspiration Saturday .

I've been a fan of sci-fi and monsters and spaceships and anything with lazer beams coming out of it all my life . . . pretty much standard issue for me . So down the street from my house there's an elementary school that's having this big open house carnival . The one Vaughn will more than likely be going too when he's old enough . It's walking distance from my house so we decide to pack him up and go for a rainy day walk to get in on the action .

As it turns out , the mighty 501st San Diego garrison is there making an appearance . Amazing . I see these guys almost every year at the San Diego Comic Con , and their costumes and gear is Hollywood prop level of accuracy . If there was really such a thing as a Stormtrooper , they would have these guys make their uniforms . Also one of my favorite bands from 10 years ago , Supernova is playing , and it's all for free . Also amazing .

Even though it was sort of wet , my friends started showing up and we had a great time .

It was kind of a rainy / drizzly day but that didn't keep the troops from trooping and the fun from happening . . . here's proof of the world I live in , a long time ago , in a galaxy far far away far far away .

What kind of gun safety do they teach at the Empirial training academy ?!?


Guy@GK said...

Vaughan doesn't look too sure about that trooper next to him. And did Darth Vader eat all the pies?

Looks like an ace day out; all we get at school fetes here is morris dancers.

Team Moody said...

My brother is into this stuff. He has already made on trooper suit and is now working on a "bubba fett" suit.

ohitson said...

man... my kids would lose their shit if a squad of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader showed up at their school to each nachos.

John said...

Not sure how I came across it but the picture of the train was taken on our train and I would like permission to use the picture. I think it would be great to add to the Facebook page that we are building. Let me know.