Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a quick Friday all text post

So these days when I wake up in the morning , it almost always feels like I've slept in . The sun is working it's way up into the sky , and It seems like it should be about 8:00 or 9:00 . . . I look over at the cable box and through my blurry eyes I see it says 6:37 . That can't be right . . . but it is .

Gone are the days of rolling out of bed at 11:45 to make it to work at noon . That's around the time I realize that Amy has already been up for 1/2 hour messing around with Vaughn and I decide to try & roll over and catch a few more Z's

If I'm lucky I wake up 20 minutes later to the sound of feet slapping their way into the bedroom and tiny maniacel giggles . This morning the giggles were accompanied by the sound of " ooooooooh , ohhhhhhhhhhhh , ooooooooooooh . . . " What could it be today ?

As it turns out , Vaughn has found a long wrapping paper tube and has it up to his mouth and is playing it like a horn , holding it out straight in front of him . It's about 3 feet long so it's already pretty funny looking but it's even better when I take a better look and see that he's standing there , looking right at me , blasting me with his new horn .

So I sit up and realize how funny my life suddenly is and laugh at him , and he starts laughing at me and pretty soon we both think we're both pretty funny , so he runs over to the closet and grabs my ugg boots ( size 14 and almost as tall as he is ) and brings them over to the doggie steps next to the bed and starts trying to put them on .

He manages to get one leg into one boot and then falls over , but still thinks this is all pretty funny and manages to keep me entertained till I'm awake enough to get up and chase him out of the room and into the front of the house where Amy has a slice of peanut butter toast waiting for him .

That's pretty much how my day starts these days . . .

I love the life I live , and I live the life I love .


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Jose said...

Its great to be a dad and husband. I wish my three were still that small. Thanks for that write up, it made my day Mike.

B Harlow said...

awesome, I'm jealous.

mind pill said...

good for you. no matter what is going on in your life, they have a way of making everything o.k.