Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yokosuka , Japan

This is a picture of my Dad while he was on leave in Japan . Judging by his outfit and the fact that he was at an Enlisted Men's club rather than an Officers club I'm thinking this was pretty early in his Navy career . I think he retired Chief Petty Officer . I need to ask him about the dates and details but I love this picture .

A little table of covered in drinks and a bunch of brothers ready for a night on the town .

That's my dad right in the middle of the picture .


david said...

in '43-'44 if he was in Japan he was a P.O.W.
You got your dates a little off, dude.

=mike= said...

Yeah that wouldn't make sense . . . I'll have to ask him when the fuck that picture was taken .

Like I said though I was just guessing initially so unless that was some super swanky POW v.i.p. lounge , the date is obviously off a little .

Thanks for the heads up regardless , i'll get to the bottom of it once I talk to him again .