Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well that was fun . . .

Here are some highlights of our day . Keep in mind I quit early because I'm still getting over a flu and didn't feel all the way outlaw today , so I came home to drink some Nyquil and take a nap .

Here are some incriminating images in no certain order

My neighborhood has never seen this many motorcycles , let alone this many card card carrying Wild Angels . . . The squares were terrified , the men were envious and the women were interested .

There were a couple nice men in this helecopter following the group . I like to think they were doing that thing in the Baja 1000 where if anyone breaks down , they radio for help . I don't think that was their intent .

Only a dorky picture of me at a light , nothing good . This is me saying " WHAT " .

This is Jimmy getting his groove on . He was throwing this bike around pretty nicely and it kept up really well .

Matt relaxing at a light .

I'd like to thank my friends who threw this party & I hope that the money raised helps in some way .

Good luck & go fast you guys .


Flyin' Dutchman said...

Wow! Beautiful evo chop in the last pic. I'd love to see more of that bike.

=mike= said...

Well . . . top secret info .

It is slated to be featured in that horse magazine fairly soon I believe . It was built by my dear friend Gary Frye .

Belongs to my other dear friend Matt . . .

Keep your eye's peeled for a full feature .

Richie said...

Nyquil in the middle of the day is more outlaw than I will ever be!