Friday, November 8, 2013

A giant treasure trove of evidence of a misspent youth.

I had a pretty huge collection of punk rock show flyers when i was a kid. I had them pasted all over my room when i was living at home with my parents and one day came home to find out that my mom had accidentally read one of the flyers and suddenly realized i was in league with the devil.

She tore them all off the walls and left them in a pile on my bed, to show me. well she showed me I guess. I saved them and put them in a big folder and hid them.

Fast forward to last year when i am digging around in my dads attic and find a big box full of old shit i left at his house when I moved out so long ago. iIn the box was my folder filled with my flyers. unmolested and unseen for almost 3 decades.

I finally decided to scan this mess and show off some of the fun things I did as a kid that led to me being the person i am today...good or bad, better or worse.

punk rock flyers

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