Monday, April 8, 2013

I had a pretty busy weekend this week .

As some of you may know , metal detecting is my new exciting hobby and we went to the beach this weekend to let Amy frolic in the sun and me and Vaughn could go searching for treasure . . . well I found a penny and 2 bottle caps . No big deal though as it was fun to wander around on the beach and enjoy my town .

After we all got home I decided to tear into a project I've been putting off for a while now . New floor in the motorhome .

It had been redone a long time ago in some nasty carpet and some broken tiles in the " kitchen " by a former owner . I ripped it all out and got started , here's how it turned out . Not too bad for my first time doing a floor all by myself .

Now the old girl is ready for the summer and we're ready for a little camping !


Arinn said...

it looks great! well done!

Rik no Orkut said...

Belo piso!