Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First day of the new year went something like this .

We were in bed pretty early lastnight , but still managed to watch the new year come in at midnight . We decided to go to the park and take a brisk nature walk .

After donning appropriately ridiculous outfits , my family took off from the fountain and headed east over the pedestrian bridge into the cactus garden .

Saw this awesome acid trip of a cactus .

Found an awesome little fairy cave

Amy meditated on a rock with Vaughn

And we found a really neat old tree that was hollow , so of course we got inside it . What else would you do . . .

then we went to the model train museum which is always rad . These little dioramas are amazing . I could sit here and trip out on them all day .

Overall , 2012 was pretty chill . Made a few new friends here & there , and lost a few . Did some really cool shit and did some lame shit too . . . I don't generally just take what life gives me and accept it regardless of whether I like it or not . I can't say that this coming year will be better or worse because I make my life into what I want it to be . I'm looking forward to another amazing year of moments to be a great father and be an amazing husband , and as good of a friend to the ones I love that I can possibly be . Make more art , play my guitar a little more often , take the time to really see and enjoy the people and things I surround myself with .

The really simple shit is what makes living really count . I hope if you read this that you had a great year last year and you go on to have a great year this year as well.


Arinn said...

what a fun day!! sending so much love to you guys<3

Rik no Orkut said...

Sobre o passeio!