Friday, December 23, 2011

If this is the taste of selling out then , yum .

I've never actually bought a beverage from Starbucks ® until today , like for myself . I've given Amy $5 to go grab a coffee or some shit like that , or had the occasional tea bought for me by someone else , ( it was never this good BTW ) but up until today I've never actually thought to myself " damn I want to go into a Starbucks ® and buy something to drink " .

Well they have this black tea , that has this sweet shit in it . It tastes like sweet sun tea , kind of like the tea my mom used to make . My mom is from Mobile Alabama and she would fuck up some sweet tea , so I know what sweet tea is supposed to taste like .

At any rate , this tea is amazing and I'm not sure which is douchier , how much I like this tea or that I'm blogging about it . . . but fucking-a . It's pretty good !

Welcome to hell !

Thursday, December 22, 2011

If you're like me at all , and you probably are ( at least a little ) . . .

then you're bummed out that you can find good old timer 50's & 60's & 70's music on the AM radio anymore . It seems like they have all but gotten rid of that format around here , and it makes cruising in your oldie a lot less enjoyable .

Obviously with the advent of modern technology we have the internet and wireless this and that , and all kinds of awesome that can take the place of said AM radio loss , and fill that vacuum nicely .

Enter the iPod touch with wi-fi , then enter the cleaned out ashtray ( iPod dock / amplification system ) and viola ! We're cruising to the rocking sounds of AM gold . . . This is my buddy Dave's 1964 Dart station wagon . He says he's going to make a little iPod cozy to hold it in place in the ashtray For now the ashtray makes it sound pretty loud due to the chamber effect it has , but he wants to add an 1/8" audio in jack to the radio so he can amplify the tunes on his radio & crank the mono speaker in the dash and cruise in style . Good times keeping old shit relevant and up to the task .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Here's part 2 of my little knife story .

My pal Fredo who owns & operates Star Leather here in San Diego & who let me use his facility to make my knife handle in the earlier post , made this slick little sheath for me yesterday . He knocked it out in about an hour & 1/2 only counting for a few " high-deas " and a couple mistakes it turned out awesome .

I wanted to be able to put the knife on or take it off my belt without removing the whole belt so he came up with this tricky little system . You just unsnap everything , pass it up & under your belt and viola . You're geared up and ready for some camping or urban warfare or whatever kind of shit you're into .

I also wanted a place where I could attach a lanyard to keep it from flopping around if I were wearing it on a bike and jamming out or climbing a rock face like David Lee Roth looking for adventure . He came up with this little utility tab . Bingo , keeps getting better huh ?

So if you need some sweet custom leather gear made up for you right here in the USA and you want it a certain way or color or whatever , Fredo is your man and Star Leather is where you want to go . (619) 302 4159 The website's not much to look at right now but the number is good and he will take care of you . I can't promise hell get it done in 2 hours , but we're tight bros and that's how we roll . You're experience might differ slightly .

Friday, December 9, 2011

What would Easyriders look like in the future

Or I guess technically a long time ago , in a galaxy far far away . . .